Dilemma (2022)

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It follows a happy couple as they are about to get married, but they have their plans derailed when David comes across the love that got away from him in the past.

Dilemma (2022)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: Mar 21, 2022 (United States)

Stars: Charnele Brown, Dee Hill, Shelton Jolivette

Source: Dilemma.2022.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP2.0.x264-NOGRP

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English



While Knight and Silk were in the front room playing with one another, they heard the gunfire and immediately took out their firearms to go check. Woman T didn’t shoot Zayn last week, she took shots at him, both she and Zayn advised their kin to leave, this isn’t an issue they need to worry about.

Woman T asked him where he has been such an extremely long time, she thought or they thought he was dead, he returned and has been laying down with a lady that is on par with what being his stepmother.

Zayn told her he didn’t come for vengeance, if he needed to hurt her he would have done it some time prior, he had her life in his grasp a few times. Woman T isn’t going to be sleeping with the adversary, she advised him to get out or she would kill him this time and he would remain dead.

Kanso went to see Kaineto in her room, she was recalling everything Rumi told her. Kanso likewise felt they bombed her however there is an illustration from all of this, he has perceived how life can be delicate.

Kanso requested her authorization to have his introduction to the world mother in his life, he needs to get to know her. Kaineto concurred however inquired as to whether he can deal with it, with his present backslide.

Yet again kanso clarified that he hasn’t utilized medicates and, surprisingly, told her he was sedated however wouldn’t give her the name of the individual that got it done, he has taken care of it.

At the point when Kanso left, Kaineto called Kanan, she needs to see him.

At the clinic, it was Halima that instigated Tawa’s seizure that drove her to the emergency clinic, she told Knight she tracked down a way so that him could see her yet assuming she is gotten she would be terminated and would lose her permit.

Knight gave her more cash and a telephone with directions on the best way to answer when the opportunity arrives. While they were talking, Samad/Zayn came into the room, he requested them to leave.

With the sensation of frustration Zayn took a gander at Tawa, you would think he truly adored his mom such an extremely long time prior.

Idara was going to take off from the house yet her mom got back to her and caused her to plunk down. She additionally called Rea to come and plunk down so they can make up.

Idara needed their kinship to end since she wouldn’t bring down the post yet Rea energetically caused her to reevaluate their fellowship.

While they were chuckling, Kanso came into the space to see his loved ones. Kanso sent Itoro cash and needs to put her on a recompense.

Idara became vexed, they needn’t bother with his cause, he left them this years now he is tossing his cash at them.

Kanso committed an error by saying each time he attempts to help all he hears his destitute individuals pride. That was his prompt to leave after he took a stab at saying ‘sorry’ however Idara made it unthinkable for him.

Tawa woke up asking where she was and Zayn was remaining there, thinking back on the past. He told her he is Samad yet Tawa might have a hard time believing him, Kaineto is attempting to meddle with him she needs to torment him.

Samad needs to tell her recollections from an earlier time that main he knew, the time she popped his bubble, how she would put margarine and salt on his rice since he wouldn’t eat stew.

Tawa acknowledged he was her child, she gave him an embrace as Zayn was crying in her arms.

Kaineto and Kanan got together, she actually feels as they have nothing any longer since time has passed by however Kanan has confidence in them, they are here now and they can get back what they have lost.

Kanan needed to tell Kaineto something significant yet she didn’t allow him to get done, she let him know she needed this second and to no end to destroy it, they can look up some other time.

Yolaine went to give Kanso an archive yet the took the risk to tell her how muddled his life has been, Joyce is pregnant for him yet he just lost another kid.

Yolaine acknowledged Rumi was pregnant, Kanso couldn’t really understand. On top of this, he has a totally different family that just jumped up on him.

Yolaine made things simple for him when she advised him to focus on, he should pick what is significant and he can deal with to zero in on.

Kanso felt she was truly brilliant, he attempted to hold her hand yet Yolaine removed it, she intended the thing she said about them.

Back at the medical clinic, Zayn told his mom he performed plastic medical procedure that is the reason he has another face. He needs to remove her from the house yet Tawa wouldn’t leave until she makes Kaineto pay for all she has done to her.

She told Zayn he is the last obvious Waziri and they should make sure they take Farouq’s cash from her.

While they were talking, Kaineto came into the room and saw them.

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