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Can You See Me Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World: Maata ki chowki pooja starts at Anandita’s house. Pihu is emitted out of house. She tries to enter back home but is unable to. She pleads devi maa and Gopal to let her inside. She says Gopal is also god and is her friend, where is he. Anandita wakes up and asks what sound is this. Vikram says maata ki chowki. Anandita says she should go down then. Vikram says she is unwell and should rest. Anandita insists. Vikram says he cares for her and she should obey doctor and once she is well, she can do whatever she wants to. Pihu calls Barbie for help, but she cannot hear her. Pihu thinks she has to do something and defeat bad people. Barbie thinks she cannot Pihu, hope she is fine, prays matarani that she has to expose bad people and get them punished, show some magic.

Pihu tries to open door and sees Vikram coming down, gets worried for Anandita and thinks she will not let mamma happen anything. She calls Barbie. Vikram goes and picks landline and speaks to doctor and thinks why didn’t doctor call him on mobile. Mohini silently walks away and clashes with Vikram. Vikram leaves fuming. Mohini returns and signals Bobby and leaves. Barbie notices them and thinks before they create any problem, she has to get up and do something.

Can You See Me Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World: Pihu calls Gopal for help and says Barbie did cannot hear her and she cannot enter house, Gopal told good happens to good people and bad to bad people, Gopal should do something. Inside, Pandit asks Barbie to do aarti and thinks what will happen now, Pihu is missing and papa will sign papers and hand them over to Bobby, matarani please do something. ACP Hukumchand takes papers from Bhagmati and keeps them in Matarani’s feet. Bobbie asks Barbie if they both can last aarti. Barbie does not agree. Pihu continues pleading Gopal for help and says Matarani will help her and prays Mataraani. Bobby forcefullly holds Barbie’s hand and does aarti. Aarti falls on papers and papers catch fire. Pihu thanks Matarani. Bobby tries to set off fire, but paper burns completely. Baarbie gets happy. Pihu thinks Matarani is on her side and she kept her away to protect her from file, thanks Matarani for saving Barbie did also, now she should find out where evil aunty has kept jewelry.

Mohini rushes out of house. Pihu thinks Matarani sent evil aunty out to show where she has kept jewerlry, she will disappear jewelry with magic. Mohini runs and digs pit to get jewelry box. Pihu does magic and stops her. She shouts. Everyone rush out. Barbie thanks Matarani and thinks she knew Matarani will not do wrong with good people. Everyone rush out and see Mohini with jewelry. Barbie says she was right, Mohini stole jewelry and not Anandita.

Precap: Pihu dances with Barbie, Gopal, and Anandita. Bobby enters and says he is legal owner of this house now.

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