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Can You See Me Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World: Anandita confronts Rohini. Rohini acts as worried for Barbie and runs to her room acting as crying. Neelam yells that Rohini is shivering, Anandita is mad, but Bobby should at least go and console his sister. Pihu fumes that Neelima is mad.

Barbie tied to a chair by goons cries and calls Pihu for help. Pihu wakes up worried for Pihu and thinks how to save her. Anandita asks her to get back to sleep, she is a kid. Pihu thinks she will save Barbie as kid and asks if she can skip school. Anandita says she did not say that. Pihu calls Gopal for help. Gopal’s peacock feather falls. Pihu gets happy seeing it.

Bobby acts good and asks ACP to have something as he did not have anyting and did not even sleep since Barbie was kidnapped. ACP hopes his daughter is safe. Rohini loudly tells Bobby that she is unwell and is going to doc.

Neelama enacts her. Pihu notices their acting. Pihu then gets ready for school and happily says she is going to save Barbie didi. She sees Rohini and thinks there is no hospital here, then where she is going. She walks behind Rohini and reaches godown where Barbie is hostaged. Rohini orders her goons to do as she says, ACP Hukumchand is very intelligent and . Pihu calls Barbie, but Barbie cannot hear her. Gopal’s feather throws color on Pihu. Pihu asks what is he doing. He says he is playing small holi and reminds her about Prahlad’s story. Goon throws water on Barbie and says if her father does not give jewelry box and 25 lakhs, he will kill her. Barbie pleads not to snatch her father’s lifetime earning. Gopal suggests Pihu to be careful and alert.

Pihu returns home behind Rohini. ACP says he is ready to spare his whole life’s earning, but wants his daughter back. Bobby tells Rohini that old man is ready to give everything to them now. Gopal suggests Pihu to be alert and follow Bobby. Bobby goes aside and keeping cloth on his mobile talks to ACP in changed voice and asks him to be ready with money and jewelry box, else lose his daughter. ACP agrees. Bobby warns him not to inform police. ACP agrees. Pihu shows Bobby’s drama to Anandita.

Precap: Barbie plays holi with Bobby. Rohini signals Bobby. Goon shoots Barbie and she falls down.

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