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Can You See Me Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World: Anandita starts getting panic attack after consuming Bobby and Mohini’s changed medicine. Barbie asks what is happening to her. Anandita starts beating Barbie shouting to get out of her house. Pihu cries what is happening to her mamma. Anandita continues breaking things and beating Barbie. Whole family gathers. Pihu sees Anandita’s blue medicine bottle and calls Barbie to get her that bottle, Gopal. Barbie’s taweez falls down in a tussle and she can see Pihu. She walks to Pihu emotionally touches her. They both get emotional and pamper each other.

Pihu asks her to give this blue bottle medicine to mamma. Anandita collapses. They make her sleep on bed, and Barbie gives her medicine. Pihu says now Barbie did can see her, they will expose Bobby and Mohini. Barbie says she is right, thieves will be caught. ACP asks what she means. Pihu asks her not to tell anything, else Bobby and Mohini will get alert and plan something else. Barbie tells she will tell when time comes and thinks how can god call back such a beautiful small girl.

Doctor checks Anandita and asks Sooraj and Vikram if she is taking medicine regularly, something wrong has happened, she should rest well. Sooraj takes doctor away. Bhagmati feels sorry for Anandita and says she is suffering at such an young age, she lost her husband and mental stability. Mohini comments Anandita troubled them so much, she deserves much bigger punishment, she even stole jewelry. Barbie says she is not thief. Bobby thinks why Barbie is supporting Anandita. Vikram asks them to stop and go out as Anandita needs rest. He with teary eyes takes care of Anandita. Pihu thinks why this uncle takes care of mamma and reminisces Gopal’s words that he is blood related.

Can You See Me Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World: Mohini gives fake medicines to Neelam and asks her to burn them before anyone catch them. Neelam says she cannot understand why Anandita will steal, she is very rich and owner of this house. Mohini plans to snatch house from Anandita.

During dinner, Barbie feels sorry for Anandita and says she is a good woman, her daughter.. ACP says her daughter is dead. Barbie thinks how to tell everyone that Pihu is alive even after death. Mohini says she has arranged mata’s pooja for everyone’s prosperity. Bhagmati says they will transfer Kanpur’s property to their would be damad Bobby. Mohini tells Bobby that they will run away with jewelry when everyone are busy in pooja and even grab this house from Anandita.

Pihu takes care of Anandita and thanks Barbie. She gets emotional reminiscing Suchi. Her and Barbie’s bonding continues…

Precap: Pihu and Gopal promote Ishq Subhanalla Serial.

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