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Can You See Me Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World: Vikram tells Anandita that he is Vikram and not Subodh. Anandita laughs and asks what happened to Subodh. Doctor greets Anandita and walks in. Anandita asks what is he doing here. Doctor says he came to check her fever. Vikram says she has slight fever. Anandita says she does not like medicines and even her daughter does not. Vikram tells doctor that Anandita is fine now and takes doctor aside. Doctor suggests him to inform Anandita about her husband and daughter’s death, else it will be bad for her.

Mohini brings toys for princess Piya/Pihu. Phone rings. Mohini asks Damroo to pick phone. Damroo picks and says someone wants to speak to Mohini. Mohini asks him to inform that she is not at home. He says how can he lie. She asks to leave house then. He says madam ji told she is not at home and speaks further. He says some arrogant man knows Mohini and Bobby and told they owe him money and asked address. Mohini thinks it must be boss and asks if he told address. Damroo says yes. Door bell rings. Bobby walks in and asks Mohini if they will get 75 crores for this house. She says no… He tells her about rich NRI wanting to buy house for 75 crores. She takes him aside and boasts on one side this super rich princess Piya and on the other side NRI couple, they will become super rich and can leave in abroad. Barbie thinks she is staying here to get justice to Anandita while her parents left for Delhi.

Can You See Me Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World: Barbie with Sooraj and Pihu walk into Vikram’s house. Anandita pampers Pihu and asks if anyone saw them. Barbie says no. Vikram says let us plan further. Damroo sees movement in Vikram’s house and informs Bobbby and Vikram. They take him to check and push him from window to go and check. Pihu hears sound and informs Anandita. Anandita asks not to disturb her. Pihu picks tomato sauce and smears it on her clothes, switches off lights, and frightens Damroo wearing mask. Damroo, Mohini, and Bobbby run away afraid seeing ghost. Anandita notices that and thanks Pihu.

Mohini returns home. Pihu via tricks throws flour on her. Damroo thinks thief has entered and beats her with broom. Bobby rescues her. Mohini scolds Damroo. Pihu taunts tit for tat. Mohini realizes she did it. Barbie prepares soup for Pihu. Mohini mixes chilli powder in soup.

Vikram disguises as sardarji and Anandita as his wife. Anandita asks why they should do this, she does not want. He says he does not have time to explain. She panics calling her Subodh. He injects her and shouts he is not Subodh, he is Vikram. He then hugs and consoles her.

Pihu tells Bobby that she saw bhooth in opposite house and cleverly changes her soup bowl with his. Bobby sips soup and shouts who mixed red chilli power and curses. Mohini gives him water. Pihu taunts whoever tries to harm her will fall flat.

Damroo cleans house and drops files. Mohini sees Pihu, Subodh, and Anandita’s photo.

Precap: Pihu’s doppelganger enters house. Mohini sees Pihu and Anandita.
Vikram tells Mohini that he realized they are fraud, so he will not buy their house. Pihu asks to give them a chance. Mohini says she iwll do as they say.

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