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Can You See Me Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World: Vikram informs Sooraj about Mohini and Bobby throwing Anandita out of her own house. Sooraj calls Neelam and asks how can she left Anandita thrown out of her own house. Neelam says she was helpless and asks when will he return home. Sooraj says he does not know and disconnects call. Mohini tells Bobby how to get rid of Hukumchand’s family. Bobby asks her to leave it to him and enjoy their victory. Door bell rings. They get afraid that boss has come. Barbie opens door fuming who came at this time and does not find anyone. Bobby rudely asks her who is it. Door bell rings again. Barbie opens door again and sees a midget holding gun. They all 3 get afraid.

Anandita wakes up and greets Pihu. She sees herself in different house and asks where are they. Vikram walks in. Anandita asks why did he bring her here. Pihu speaks. Anandita pampers her and asks Vikram if he met his daughter. Vikram looks surprised. Pihu thinks he cannot see her, but is surprised when Vikram looks at her and her forehead bleeds. Vikram thinks Anandita’s daughter was dead, how is she alive again. Pihu tries to eat plastic apple. Vikram stops her. She tries to drink black coffee. He stops her again. Pihu thinks she was better as bhooth. She calls Gopal and asks how can Vikram see her. Gopal says it is his gift for her, her dear ones can see her for 2 weeks and by then she has to free her house from Vikram and Bobby. She asks if he will help her, he just sits inside idol and enjoys. He says how can he not help little Pihu and turns into a boy with modern clothes. Pihu excitedly asks where is his dhoti. He says he will be her brother for 2 weeks. Vikram enters. Gopal hides and tells Pihu that he will come in front when time comes and disappears.

Can You See Me Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World: Midget tells he is Damrooo and asks everyone to hands up. He shoots in air and holi color emerges. He says he is a big entertainer. Everyone run behind him and Bobby catches him. He says he wants a job in this big house and will not ask salary, he just needs 2 times food. Bobby asks him to go, but greedy Mohini calls him rat and asks if he does not need salary, he can stay here.

Vikram cries looking at Pihu, Anandita, and Subodh’s family pic. Piu catches him red handed and ask what is bad uncle doing with his family pic. He asks why she is calling him bad. She says he slept on his doll the other day. He emotionallly pampers her. She says she is dead and only her mamma can see her. He says she is just Pihu for him. She says Gopal told they are blood related, what that means. He hugs her emotionally and says he has plan to free her house from Bobby and Mohini.

Precap: Pihu’s doppelganger enters house. Mohini asks Barbie from where she is coming early morning and asks who is this girl, pointing at Pihu. Barbie says princess Piya. Vikram disguised as sardarji tells Bobby that he wants to buy a cheap house worth 50 crores. Monini thinks she trapped a rich NRI couple.

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