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Can You See Me Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World: Barbie confesses to Anandita that she was trying to suicide. Anandita scolds why did she take such a big step, did not she think even once about her parents and brother. Barbie says how can she forget Bobby’s betrayal. Anandita says for that she cannot punish her parents, for parents biggest punishment is to see child’s dead face. Barbie calms down. Pihu listens to their conversation and asks if she can come in. Anandita says yes. Pihu walks in. Anandita asks if she has met her daughter. Barbie says yes, she met Bhootu. Pihu thinks mamma does not know that she has become bhootu/ghost and drops night lamp to divert their attention. Anandita walks out. Pihu pleads Barbie not to tell mamma that she is a bhootu. Anandita brings juice for Barbie.

Inebriated Bobby confesses in front of inebriated ACP that he and Mohini are big thieves are the one who had kidnapped Barbie for ACP’s family jewelry and money, Mohini can even kill Barbie for money. Mohini comes and gets tensed. ACP slaps Bobby. Mohini says Bobby is joking and takes him away while says lying is bad, they are ally big thieves.

Can You See Me Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World: Pihu searches Anandita and goes to bed thinking Anandita is sleeping. Anandita comes from outside and they see Vikram sleeping on bed instead. They try to wake him up, but he is sound asleep. Pihu says he is bad uncle.
Anandita says Vikram is a nice man and always helps him. She says let us go and sleep on sofa today. Pihu feels angry and handcuffs Vikram to bed.

Mohini gives lemon juice to Bobby to get him out of inebriation and scolds for telling truth to ACP. She says they should steal jewelry tonight and gives him hypnotic spray to spray on all family members, especially Anandita. Bobby sprays everyone and silently steals jewelry with Mohini and they try to run. Vikram wakes up hearing sound and shouts to free him, he sees necklace on floor and shouts thief.. Mohini and Bobby get alert. Bobby says let us spray some spray on ourselves and act. Mohini says no. Pihu wakes up hearing sound…

Precap: ACP tells family that someone stole jewelry. Barbie asks where are Bobby and Mohini. Gopal tells Pihu that he will help her as he is in her team, she should take Barbie out of Bobby’s room soon. Pihu asks how. Gopal says it is her problem.

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