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Can You See Me Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Zee World: Mohini drags Anandita out of her house and throws her out. Anandita says this is her house, where will she go with her child. Mohini tries to push Anandita more, but falls down. Anandita says only bad happens to bad people. Bobby shouts she is mad and her son and husband have died. Neelam warns Bobby to stop. Barbie also warns Bobby to shut up. Mohini says this is her house now and Anandita cannot stay here. Anandita gets panic attack thinking her husband and wife have died. She runs laughing insanely. Barbie tries to stop her, but ACP stops Barbie and says it is Bobby and Anandita’s house now, we should not interfere and he is going to book train ticket. Barbie says Anandita helped them so much, it is her duty to help her in her tough times. Bhagmati backs Barbie.

Anandita runs on road in rain and dances on Chan Chan Chan….song. Pihu runs behind searching her and stands shocked. Anandita shouts she is mad, her husband and daughter are dead. A speeding car heads towards her. Pihu shouts mamma. Vikram pulls Anandita on time and they roll on road. Anandita laughs that he is right, she is mad, gets up and runs again. Vikram runs behind her. Anandita slips. Vikram holds her. Their eyes lock. Jo Tu Mera Hamdard Hai…song…plays in the background.. Anandita asks who is he, whenever she slips, he holds her, looks her her Subodh has not gone at all and is in Vikram. She then cries hugging him. Vikram asks her to calm down, everything will be fine.

Mohini and Bobby celebrate their victory. Mohini asks what about Vikram. Bobby says don’t worry, his goons trashed Vikram and snatched all his money. Mohini says they have to pay big boss. Bobby says he has not seen big boss at all, so she can relax. They hear sound and walk to living room. Barbie shows them rent papers and says like they are owners, she is tenant of this house. Mohini checks and says this is made by previous owner, so it is invalid. Barbie says according to rule, she should get her advance back and stay with 1 month notice or till contract ends, it is up to them now, they cannot remove her out. Bhagmati and Mike say they will stay with Barbie. ACP says without them what he will do, he will also stay with them..

Precap: Pihu’s doppelganger enters house. Anandita asks Vikram how did Pihu get injured. Vikram stands silently. Pihu gets tensed that Vikram can see her.

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