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Can You See Me Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World: Damrooo sees Mohini sleeping wearing blanket and says he will press her legs for free. He presses her neck instead. She wakes up shouting and beats him. He asks who sleeps in opposition direction. she shouts at him to get out.

Barbie is asleep when Sooraj enters and drags her out of house to Anandita, Vikram, and Pihu. Barbie gets happy seeing Pihu and shouts Bhootu. Pihu says shh…she is Pihu. Vikram says he has a plan to get back house from Bobby and Mohini and explains his plan. Barbie says it is excellent. They see Bobby coming and Pihu disappears them via magic. Bobby walks in holding mobile torch and does not find anyone and leaves. Barbie asks where is Bobby going at this time. Vikram says bar. Pihu asks what is it. Anandita says it is a bad place, not for kids.

Next morning, Mohini opens door hearing door bell and sees Barbie standing, asks if he had gone for jogging, why did she trouble her body so much. Pihu asks if she is servant. Mohini shouts she is owner and asks who is she. Barbie says princess Piya, her friends’s sister, she had come to Lucknow and will stay here for some days. Pihu says Mohini excuse me aunty and asks Barbie to prepare hot bath for her and then hot soup with pepper. Mohini fumes in anger. Barbie messages to start plan’s part 2.

Vikram disguised as sardar while his driver parks car brushing off inebriated Bobby. Bobby yells and beats driver. VCikram interferes and pays him cheque and then says he is searching a cheap house worth 50 crores, 75 is also fine and is searching real estate agent. Bobby introduces himself and says he will help him find house and leaves thinking he got a fool. Vikram messages Barbie that Plan’s part 2 is successful. Barbie rejoices.

Can You See Me Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World: Vikram returns home. Anandita asks how did plan go. He says it went well and removes his turban. Anandita wiggles his hair. Vikram gets out of his imagination when Anandita asks why is he staring at her. He says no, she looks pretty when she smiles. Anandita says Pihu also says same and asks where is Pihu. Vikram says with Barbie. Anandita asks why did he leave her in Mohini’s house alone and calls him Subodh. He says Vikram. She asks if he is not Subodh.

Mohini orders pizza for princess Piya/Pihu and thinks she will trap Piya in her buttery talks and will find out details about her family. She calls princess Piya. Barbie asks why is Mohini calling Pihu with so much love. Mohini says she ordered pizza for Piya. Pihu says it is nothing in front of her mamma’s laddoos. Mohini says she will feed Piya. Pihu asks if her hands are clean. Mohini shows hands and asks where is her house. Pihu says this is her house. Mohini asks what.. Barbie means she has house in each city. Mohini gets excited and asks what does her mamma wear. Pihu says her mamma does not wear jewelry. Barbie says she means solitaire. Pihu bites Mohini’s fingers and says pizza is very tasty. Damroo comes smelling pizza. Mohini scolds him not to touch it and asks Pihu if she needs anything else. Pihu says vanilla ice cream. Mohini leaves. Pihu gives pizza to Damroo. Damroo enjoys pizza and says it is tasty. Barbie asks why he wants to work in a house where he is insulted so much. Damroo says he is working here with a motto.

Precap: Mohini mixes chilli powder in Pihu’s soup. Pihu confuses Mohini and makes him drink chilli soup. Mohini finds Pihu, Anandita, and Subodh’s photo.

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