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Can You See Me Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World: Pihu wakes up in the morning and tries to wake up Anadita. Anandita says let her sleep for some more time. Neelam walks in blabbering her head is spinning. Pihu says it is bhang effect. Bhagmati comes and yells that she mixed bhang in milk. Neelam yells bhang was in her gujia/sweet. Sooraj brings lemon juice and says whoever mixed bhang did a big mistake, what if some disaster would have happened. ACP walks in saying already disaster happened, someone stole his family jewelry. Barbie asks where are Mohini and Bobby. Neelam says they are in their room sleeping. Bhagmati alleges Neelam. Neelam yells she is not thief. Sooraj asks them to stop fighting.

Vikram tries to free his hand cuff and calls for help. Pihu says she handcuffed him and frees. Vikram walks out. Pihu sees Gopal and excitedly says does he know Mohini and Bobby will be exposed today. Gopal smiles and says he is on her side and says she should go to Bobby’s room soon.

Mohini starts acting and cries how can someone steal family jewelry, try to kidnap Barbie, etc. Vikram says he knows who stole jewelry, he was sleeping in Anandita’s room and looks at Bobby. Bobby ask why is he looking at him, why did not he catch thief then. Vikram says someone handcuffed him. Barbie tells ACP she needs to talk. ACP says they cannot doubt anyone here as they are all inebriated under bhang effect and words cannot be trusted. Barbie thinks papa will not trust her words now.

Can You See Me Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World: Barbie walks to her room fuming that she does not have proof against Bobby, hope she should have recorded Bobby’s confession. Pihu comes and asks her to come out near Bobby’s room as per Gopal’s suggestion. Barbie cannot hear her. Pihu shows mobile recording where Bobby confesses his crime. Barbie thinks papa recorded under bhang effect. Pihu says let us go near Bobby’s room and runs holding mobile. Barbie runs behind her. Pihu returns mobile outside Bobby’s room. Barbie hears Mohini telling Bobby that good Barbie knows about their plan, ACP will break alliance, then they can loot another girl, another house. Barbie shatters more and thanks Bhootu/Pihu for showing her truth. She thinks of not letting Bobby and Mohini get out of this house and expose their truth in front of everyone. She thanks Pihu again. Pihu says she should thank Gopal instead. Barbie says she will play reverse game.

Barbie goes to ACP. ACP asks what she wants to say. Barbie says if he remembers he promised to gift Bobby their Kanpur farm house if he likes Bobby, so he should gift it tomorrow itself. ACP asks if everything is fine. Barbie says she does not want to delay her wedding more. ACP says he will call manager and get papers ready. Barbie asks him not to inform Bobby or Mohini that she suggested him this, they should think he himself is gifting farm house. ACP says she is so good and thinks his daughter will be married soon.

Mohini and Bobby get happy hearing about farm house, now they can hide jewelry till they get more gifts. Mohini goes out to find cloth to hide jewelry. Anandita swings Pihu on a swinger. Pihu asks to tell Mohini what she told. Anandita asks Mohini if she is searching clothes to hide jewelry, if she got farm house, she knows everything. Mohini returns to Bobby and shows him in writing that mad Anandita knows everything about them. They decide to change Anandita’s medicine and worsen her condition.

Barbie thanks Anandita for supporting her and showing her Bobby’s truth. Anandita takes medicine and gets panic attack.

Precap: Anandita roughs up Barbie, Barbie’s taweez falls down and she can see Pihu and hugs Pihu emotionally.

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