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Can You See Me Friday 6th May 2022 Update Zee World

Can You See Me Friday 6th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Can You See Me Friday 6th May 2022 Update Zee World: Bobby shows property papers to ACP Hukumchand’s family and says this house is his now and not Anandita, so they should go and sleep into godown. ACP tries to slap him, but Bobby holds his hand and warns to back off. Barbie tries to confront Bobby. Bobby shows property papers and says this house is in his and Mohini’s name (seriously..without registration and just thumb impression in 2018). Pihu says this property is in mamma and papa’s name. Anandita says yes, this house is in her and Subodh’s name. Barbie remembers blue ink on Anandita’s thumb and says they have tricked and taken Anandita’s thumb impression on this paper today. Bobby says why she took so much effort, he would have informed everything. Pihu does magic and slaps him. ACP asks Bobby what he needs. Bobby says he needs his sister back, and they can take back this property.

Vikram thinks enough of drama now, he will get Mohini and Bobby punished. Mohini’s goons beat him and escape with his suitcase. Back at home, Bobby’s father comes and asks ACP not to trust his chameleon son. Bobby snatches papers from Barbie and asks ACP if deal is on or not. Baarbie says Anandita and her daughter helped her so much, she means Anandita helped them so much, she should not be out of her house. ACP agrees to sign bail papers and says he needs property papers first. Pihu thinks that is right. ACP signs bail papers and takes property papers. Bobby leaves. Pihu jumps in happiness that nobody can take out her mamma from their house.

Sooraj sees Vikram injured on street and rushes him to hospital. Doctor checks Vikram and says his condition is critical, he should inform Vikram’s family.

Pihu and Anandita pamper each other. O Meri maa…song..plays in the background. Mohini barges in shouting where is mad woman. Family gathers. Mohini drags Anandita out of house while Pihu pleads Barbie to save her mamma. Mohini throws Anandita out of house and says this house is hers now.

Precap: Pihu’s doppleganger enters house. ACP tells he tore papers,
this house still belongs to Anandita. Mohini says those papers are fake. A speeding car heads towards Anandita.
Pihu shouts mamma..

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