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Bridal Material Wednesday 27th April 2022 April Update Zee World

Bridal Material Wednesday 27th April 2022 April Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Wednesday 27th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Meera gets worried about wedding expenses seeing Sumer’s mom buying her diamond engagement ring. Dolly warns her not to create any problem and let her father and her worried about expenses. Vivan sees his mom’s bangle missing and doubts Meera must have stolen it to fund her kabbaddi match. Silky calls Laali and informs her about Meera’s 8 lakhs diamond engagement ring. Laali gets jealous and asks Silky to lure Vivan and convince him to marry her. She writes notes and sticks on walls for Vivan. Vivan reads them to smile, coffee with her, etc.. Vivan fumes thinking Meera must have written them. He sees Meera passing by and grips her. She warns to leave her. He asks if she entered his room sometime ago. She says no. Their nok jhok starts. Silky thinks Vivan is thinking Meera wrote those notes, interferes and says she wrote those notes for Vivan. Vivan asks what rubbish and leaves.

Vivan next sees Pavan telling Bittu that they cannot give cheap ring to Sumer and has to present precious ring like his mom gifted diamond ring to Meera. If Meera marries in a good family, their other daughters will also be married in a good family. He says he arranged money and don’t ask how. Vivan notices that and thinks family is so greedy and they can go to any extent for money.

Silky informs Meera that she wrote notes for Vivan. Meera says Vivan is not a good boy. Laali asks why she does not want her sister married to Vivan. Meera says Vivan is very arrogant and will spoil Silky’s life. Silky says Vivan is rich and full of attitude and she likes him. Silky warns Meera not to interfere.

Bridal Material Wednesday 27th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Meera’s friend calls her and asks if she arranged money. Meera says yes. Friend says thank go, else she had planned something, now go and pay coach soon. Meera thinks she has to get out of house somehow soon. Vivan notices and thinks she stole bangle for sure. Sumer calls Meera and insists her to introduce him to Vivan. Meera says Vivan is very arrogant and he is unfit for friendship. Sumer says Vivan is rich and is very useful, he wants to befriend him at any cost. He walks in. Silky asks where are they going. Sumer says to meet Vivan. Silky says even will she will join them then. Meera walks first. Vivan stops her and asks to accept she did it. Meera thinks he is talking about notes and says she did not. He grips her to wall. Their nok jhok continues. Sumer with Silky walk in and apologizes him for last misunderstanding and says he came to invite him for his and Meera’s engagement and befriend him, extending his hand. Vivan says he will think and walks in fuming if they had not come, he would have forced Meera to accept truth. Meera angrily leaves. Sumer walks behind her telling Vivan is rich and attitude is obvious.

Jeweler calls Vivan and informs him that someone came with his mom’s bangle and he asked to come back after sometime. Vivan reaches jeweler’s shop and watches hiding. Pavan comes and buys 2 lakhs worth ring. Jeweler asks he bought 70,000 rs ring first and now 2 lakhs, what is the issue. Pavan says girl’s father has no choice. Jeweler asks where is remaining payment. Pavan says he will play slowly. Jeweler says he will pay only after full payment. Vivan feels sorry for doubting Pavan. Meera walks in next and shows bangle. Vivan thinks his doubt was right, she is thief.

Precap: Sumer gets engagement gown for Meera and insists to try. Meera gets tensed seeing low neck gown and wears it with dupatta. Sumer scolds that she is wearing gown like shalwar kameez,
no wonder no one selected her till now.

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