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Bridal Material Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World

Bridal Material Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World: Vivan stops Meera and says he was right and she was wrong. Their nok jhok continues. Meera says he wants to befriend her, before that he has to befriend Silky. Vivan angrily asks what.. Meera calls Silky and says Vivan wants to befriend her and leaves. Silky excitedly asks is it and asks Vivan to repeat. Vivan silently walks away. He gets into his room fuming on Meera. Amar walks in and apologizes for coming in without taking permission. Vivan says that is okay, he is of his father’s age and should not apologize. Amar thanks him for helping them with 2 lakhs rs and says he helped willing and not by his father’s will. Vivan asks how does he know. Amar says he is much experienced in life and says years ago his father had come here for a week and helped them a lot, Vivan is like his father and should not change. He says Meera is pure hearted and can go to any extent to protect her family. Vivan thinks he did not speak to his father since many days.

Amar and Bittu get inebriated and start their drama. Meera walks in. Dolly pampers her and says nobody will ask Meera to work till her marriage. Family bonding continues. Dolly walks to Amar and Bittu and unable to bear their drama gulps liquor and says she is not afraid of anyone, after so many years they will celebrate. Whole family dance on Mehandi hai rachne waali..Haaton me Gehri laali..song. Vivan watches them and walks to his room fuming. Dolly feels short of breath and stops. Everyone get concerned. Dolly gets emoitional with Meera and says she always scolded her, but it is for her better future. Amma ki bitiya hoon..song..plays in the background. Meera emotionally hugs her mother and cries. Family says they will miss her. Meera says even she will miss them all. Biji says stop crying now,let us celebrate. Amar says if Vivan had not helped them, don’t know what they must be suffering, he thanked Vivan and even Meera should thank him. Dolly and whole family says Amar is right.

Meera walks towards Vivan’s room reminiscing Vivan’s help and thinks he must want to befriend her without any reason and has changed, papa is right, vivan saved them from embarrassment, she just has to befriend him and not spend life with him. She hears Vivan telling someone over phone that he wants to know how did Meera get that bangle. She fumes that Vivan is playing drama for that bangle, why..
Precap: Meera and Vivan promote Ishq Subhanallah Serial.

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