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Bridal Material Tuesday 19th April 2022 April Update Zee World

Bridal Material Tuesday 19th April 2022 April Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Tuesday 19th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Sumer with his family comes to Meera’s home for alliance. Parents like Meera. Meera serves them tea and drops cup on Sumer. Family get tensed and apologize. Sumer jokes she served tea to everyone, but served his clothes. Mom says mistakes happen, it is okay. Father says they liked Meera a lot. Family congratulate each other. Ambarsariya…song..plays in the background. Sumer asks if he can talk to Meera alone. Family happily agrees. Dolly asks Meera to take her damad to terrace and don’t tea on him again. Sister says she will show terrace to jijaji.

Vivan and Amaya are on terrace already. Sumer walks to terrace and sees airport girl. He shouts she. She also shouts he. Vivan asks if she knows this man. Amaya says that airport man. Vivan angrily holds Sumer’s collar and shouts how dare he is to kidnap his sister. Sumer and Amaya try to speak, but Vivan asks to shut up and continues roughing up Sumer. Meera enters and warns him dare not to misbehave with Sumer.

Vivan shouts she and her family knows only to frighten people for ransom. Meera calls him Bisleri water drinker and warns not to mess up with well water drinker, she will smash him down. Sumer says Vivan’s sister is mad like him. Vivan shouts dare not to misbehave with his sister and holds collar again. Meera warns him again to back off and ask his sister truth. Vivan asks what is Meera telling. Amaya nervously says bhai..Meera says she will tell truth and tells whole incident happened. Vivan apologizes Sumer and Meeera and walks down with Amaya fuming. He yells at Amaya that he had to apologize cheap people because of her.

Bridal Material Tuesday 19th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Meera continues fuming and says Sumer that tea got cold now. Sumer asks to hold the cup as she is fuming. She says she wants to kick Sumer. Sumer asks what is Vivan doing in her house. Meera says this house is Vivan’s and her family is just caretaker, they wanted to inform his family later, but Vivan spoilt whole mood, she will go and inform his family right now. He says he needs time to rethink about alliance now. Meera gets angry, but nods yes. He says when he thought about his life partner, he did not think that his life partner should have own house, Meera matters to her and not her house. Meera happily thanks him for accepting her the way she is and not judge her by her status. They both go down. Sumer’s mother insists for engagement right now. Aman asks how can they right now. Mother says when hearts have united, why they should delay it. Dolly happily says yes. Engagement happens and family happily dances.

Meera goes back to terrace and sees Amaya crying, asks if Vivan told something, she will punish him. Amaya says bhai never scolded her in life. Meera suggests her to complain her mother. Amaya gets more sad. Meera asks if she is missing her mother, she will take her to her mother. She takes her down and tells Dolly that Amaya is missing her mother. Dolly pampers her and showers motherly love. Amaya asks if Indian mothers pamper children similarly. Dolly says yes, if English mothers dont’ pamper their children. Meera’s sister says they all are going to Amritsar for piligrimage, if Amaya would like to join them and insists. Meera says let Amaya decide herself, she would be happy if Amaya joins them. After sometime, Meera calls Sweety and informs her about her and Sumer’s enagegement and invites her for pilgrimage tomorrow. Laali hears that and thinks she will not let this alliance continue..

Precap: Laali warns Biji to fix Silky’s alliance with Vivan, else she will not Meera’s alliance. Meera tells Vivan that Amaya is her guest and she will bear her expenses.

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