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Bridal material Tuesday 14th June 2022 Zee world

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Bridal material Tuesday 14th June 2022 Zee world: on Bridal material Tuesday 14 June 2022 Zee world.



Vivan walks to Meera and says he remembers now what happened last night. She says she does not care as he is the most hated person in her life who is trying to harm her family, paper relations don’t matter to her, only blood relationships mater, she does not care what he thinks, for her her family mattes most. She leaves. He thinks he will follow his promise.

Nimmo walks to her room and finds money in an envelope. She finds a note that she is very special to him and he wants to help her monetarily. She nervously locks door and reads further. Someone calls her and asks if she got money, he wants to help her more as she is very special to him. Prince calls his friend and asks if he saw Pappi. Friend suggests to forget Pappi as police arrested him. Vivan sees shoe marks on floor and

thinks if it is of thief’s. He then sees Prince nervously over phone to find out why Pappi is arrested and thinks Prince will create big problem. Prince tries to open box, it falls down and toys come out of it. Prince relaxes seeing toys. Vivan walks to him and asks to give him box, what is in toys. Prince arrogantly warns him to stop ordering him as he is not his BIL now. Vivan says he is his elder and snatches box. Meera snatches it and returns it to Prince and shouts at Vivan to spare her brother. Vivan says fine.
Meera then walks to Biji’s room and speaks to her. Biji’s condition worsens and she collapses. Meera gets worried and calls family. Dolly outside tells Aman they have to take Biji to hospital as her condition is worsening. Aman says he is a bad father, husband, and son. Dolly says he followed all relationships truly. Sweety informs Biji’s condition is worsening. Whole family rushes in. They all panic and try to arrange money from all sources, but fail. Dolly shouts to arrange money somehow. Nimmo watches nervously holding money. Meera rushes out of house to arrange money. Thief hiding in garden thinks they are all fool that they have drugs worth crores in toys, but don’t know about it. He has to steal toys and give it to boss, else boss will not spare him.

Meera goes to her sports academy office where officials are chatting and ordering samosa and pastries. She shows her medals to official and requests to lend her some money. They deny her request. Meera angrily confronts them she should have played cricket instead of kabbaddi, all her hard work is gone in vain. She leaves. Vivan watching everything hiding walks in and scolds them and warns to throw legal charges on them. They all get tensed.

Nimmo walks to Meera and gives her money. Meera asks how did she get this money. Nimmo nervously says her friend gave. Meera says she is hiding something and insists. Dolly calls Meera. Meera runs to Biji’s room followed by Nimmo. Doctor tells they have to take Biji to hospital soon. Laali walks in creating drama and asks doctor to take howmuch ever money he wants but save Biji. She taunts she knows Amar is broke now and Meera’s marriage is broken. Meera thinks why Laachi is acting, what is she up to.



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