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Bridal Material Thursday 28th April 2022 April Update Zee World

Bridal Material Thursday 28th April 2022 April Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Thursday 28th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Meera with Amaya goes to jewelry shop to sell bangle. Vivan waiting to catch thief thinks he caught her red handed, good Amaya will know her truth. Jewler praises it is very old jewelry with intricate design. She asks how much he can give. He says 50,000 rs easily. Vivan messages to delay her payment somehow. Jeweler says he can give 50,000 rs, but his friend may give 70,000-75,000 rs and will need 2 days at least to contact him. Meera asks him to make arrangement by tomorrow, else buy it for 50,000 rs itself and leaves with Amaya. Vivan thinks she is such a greedy girl, he will expose her today.

Dolly shows new bangles to Sweety and says she remoulded her mom’s gifted jewelry into these bangles. Sumer walks in with gift. Nimmo and Silky greet him and inform family. Sumer says his mom sent engagement dress for Meera and asks Meera to try it. Dolly happily asks Meera to go and try it. Meera walks to her room and gets tensed seeing low neck gown. Vivan knocks door and walks in forcefully. Meera shouts how dare he is to enter her room forcefully. He says like she barged into his room and says he caught her red handed, empties her bag, but does not find bangle, asks where did she hide. Meera asks what. Silky knocks door and asks if she tried gown, Sumer is waiting. Meera back lashes Vivan that because of him, she forgot to try gown and asks him to leave. He leaves yelling. She takes gown out and says it is low neck gown. Sumer says it is famous designer’s designed gown and her mom wants Meera to look best during engagement. Silky sees Vivan watching from balcony and thinking of impressing him. She says it is such a famous designer’s gown and not less than 1 lakh, it is so beautiful. Dolly says it is, takes Dolly to her room and warns her to wear it, else she does not want to upset Sumer and break their alliance. Meera says she did not wear these kind of revealing dresses in life. Dolly says she has to and leaves.

Bridal Material Thursday 28th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Vivan walks into Amaya’s room who wearing sari asks how is she looking. He sees bangle in her hand and asks where dis he get it. She says she found it in his drawer and took it. He realizes that Meera did not steal bangle and has another one, so he should find out his mom’s details via Meera.

Meera wears gown and shyingly drapes duppata around and walks down. Sumer yells she spoilt the gown, good his mom is not here, else she would have got disappointed seeing behanji, now he realized why any boy did not like her till now and she did not marry, problem is in her. Meera gets teary eyed. Sumer continues that she is becoming Sumer Kapoor’s wife and should not embarrass him during engagement. Vivan thinks he can find out his mom’s whereabouts via Meera by acting good with her….

Precap: Meera challenges Vivan to learn as much Hindi songs as he can as he is competing with Indians. Vivan asks if she is afraid that she has to do whatever he says if she loses.

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