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Bridal Material Sunday 24th April 2022 April Update Zee World

Bridal Material Sunday 24th April 2022 April Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Sunday 24th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Sumer’s parents insisting for Sumer and Meera’s marriage after 10 days. Pavan asks how can they arrange marriage in such a short span. Sumer’s father says not to worry, he will bear 50% expenses. Daadi says congratulations. Meera hears that and hopes marriage does not happen as her kabbaddi qualifying match is after 10 days. She signals Dolly. Dolly asks Sumer’s parents to bring baraat after 10 days. Everyone congratulate each other.

Meera runs to her room crying. Nimmi and Silky ask what happened to her, if she lost match, if she was evicted. Meera says her marriage is fixed after 10 days. Nimmi and Silky congratulate her. Meera says her kabbaddi match is after 10 days, so she will cancel wedding. Nimmi and Silky stop her and warn her not to as family will not listen to her. Pavan worries how will they arrange money in 10 days. Bittu asks him to cheer up as Sumer’s family is bearing 50% expenses. Pavan asks Dolly why did she agree for wedding in this house, what will they tell Vivan. Dolly says they were worried about Meera’s wedding, now they got a best match and wedding is happening in 10 days, what else they want. Biji says let us start arrangements and stop argument. Meera walks in and says she will not marry as her kabbaddi match is after 10 days, she will play for state. Dolly says do hell with her kabbaddi.

Vivan searches Amaya everywhere and finds her in a church. He scolds her where was she, he was worried, it is a stranger city and where will he find her. She says she is alone even here and asks why did he insult Meera. Vivan says Meera is a gold digger like their mother and is behind money. Amaya says with one bad experience, he is blaming all women. He says their mother left them alone and eloped with a rich man, he still remembers baby Amaya crying every night. Amaya says he believed what Daadi told and what will he do when mamma comes in front of them. He says soon she will realize their mom was really greedy and even Meera is greedy, then she should cry hiding as he cannot see her crying.

Dolly scolds Meera that everything is going well, they why she wants to kick her feet on axe. Meera says should she go to kabbaddi match wearing bridal wear. Dolly says she will go to her sasural an d it is final. Meera seeks Daadi’s help, but Daadi says she is on Dolly’s side this time. All family members deny to support her. Naina…song…plays in the background…

Precap: Meeera and Vivan promote another serial’s maha episode.

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