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Bridal material Sunday 12th June 2022 Zee world

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Bridal material Sunday 12th June 2022 Zee world: on Bridal material Sunday 12 June 2022 Zee world.



Prince informs Meera that he arranged money for Biji’s treatment. Meera thanks him and smirks at Vian saying his plan failed. They both enter home and inform family they arranged money. Vivan returns home and reminiscing Meera’s words starts drinking liquor. Meera changes clothes and dries her clothes. Dolly gives her herbal concoction to ward off cold. Meera drinks it and feels drowsy and sleeps. Nimmo walks in and seeing her sleeping drapes blanket on her and hopes she could help her in her fight. Nimmo then goes down and sees Prince holding briefcase, asks what is it. Prince says it is his friend’s who helped him, he asked to keep it tonight. Nimmo says let us check what is in it. He tries to open it and says it is locked. Nimmo asks to keep it safely and guard it whole night till he returns it to his friend.

Meera wakes up from sleeping hearing Vivan’s voice and thinks she is sleeping on other side, she should go to her sasural now. On the other side, Dolly cries seeing Biji’s condition. Sweety consoles her. Heavily inebriated Vivan wobbles in his room and imagines Meera coming there and laughing on him. Their chatting starts. He says he had to take her on a date, but he did not. She says let us inform family and go. In living room, Amar asks Dolly where is Meera. She says Meera is sleeping in her room.

Vivan and Meera’s chatting continues. Vivan walks to her holding rose and says he wants to tell her something. She asks to tell then and thinks when will express his love for her. They start romantic chat. A romantic song plaays in the background. Vivan gets back to Meera on bed and fixes mangalsutra in her neck and says their marriage is complete now. Their romance continues. Kidnapper peeping from other side of window thinks they are romancing freely and worryless, let him give them a gift. He burns paper and throws it inside room. They both see it, but continue their romance.



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