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Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022 April Update Zee World

Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022 April Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022 April Update Zee World: There is a quite a festive atmosphere in Kapoor Mansion and everyone in the family is excited about the upcoming engagement ceremony of Meera with Sumer.The young girls volunteer to help their elders in peeling the huge pile of peas for the evening dinner.Meera’s cousin finishes her assigned quota and announces her job is done.Meera comes down and join the lively group,as she starts peeling,,Dolly who is still miffed with her daughter tells her not to bother and take rest.Biji looks at her grand daughter ,and Meera ,taking a hint from her,decides to pacify her mother .As she continues peeling,Dolly gets irritated and asks Meera to stop troubling her as her head is aching.Meera pretends concern and offers to massage her head with oil.Dolly asks her daughter if she wants her mother to look like ‘chipku’in her engagement function whereas her would be mother on law would look resplendent in all her finery.Meers hugs her mother affectionately and tells her that she doesn’t need any costly and ostentatious clothes to look beautiful,she looks beautiful as it is and will be the cynosure of all eyes in the party,Dolly forgets all her anger and hugs back her adorable daughter .
Amaya ,coming down the stairs ,watches this typical Indian marriage environment in awe as she has never seen one before.She asks if she can peel the peas along with them ,as they say ‘yes’,she joins them excitedly and watches Meera bonding with her mother and kissing her affectionately ….in that moment she remembers her mother and misses her.

Laali enters the scene with her usual sarcastic remarks ,she sits on the floor with the others but instead of helping her mother and sisters in law indulges in irrelevant talk, When Biji scolds her daughter,she remarks that she must be the only mother in this world who scolds her daughter in front of her daughters in law.When offered tea,she says that she doesn’t want just tea in a marriage house,along with it some snacks and sweetmeats.As Laali demands sweets,her daughter Silky comes in carrying sweets boxes.Looking ar her delicate daughter holding such a weight ,Laali expresses concern and hurries to help her.When the girls want to taste the sweets,Biji stops them that to day as per the custom,Meera should taste them first,then only the others.
An instant small function is organised ,Meera sits in chair with her head covered with her dupatta ,Dolly first offers her a sweet and blesses her that her married life with Sumer will be as sweet as the sweetmeats.Next Laali comes and blesses her niece followed by the young girls.Biji tells the girls that whoever wants to marry first should eat the same sweet tasted by their cousin.All the three girls come forward,but Laali says that her daughter Silky ,being the eldest of all the three so should get married first.Silky shyly takes a bite of the sweet tasted by her sister.

Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Vivaan stands in the corridor and watches the ceremony and how happy and excited his sister is.Amaya looks up,and seeing her brother watching them,runs upnto him and brings him down asking him to participate as well.When offered sweets,Vivan ,feeling awkward ,refuses saying he doesn’t eat sweets,but Amaya brings one and coaxes him to taste that.Later she makes fun of him to say that he too will get married soon as he has eaten the same one tasted by the bride.As everyone laughs,including Meera,he starts coughing and sneezing .Laali instructs her daughter to go and prepare a herbal concoction for him which is much effective than any London medicines.Vivaan objects ,then relents as Laali is very eager to help him.He goes up into his room,and Silky ,who doesn’t know how to prepare the remedy,seeks Meera’s help.
In the a kitchen ,Meera asks her sister why is she so eager to help this egoistic guy.silky says that she has never criticised Sumer ,so she too shouldn’t criticise ‘her’ Vivaan.Meera understands and proceeds to prepare the concoction ,after it is made,Silky filters it into a cup.Before going upstairs ,she asks Mrrea that she needs one more help from her.When asked what it is ,silky requests Meera to come with her and invite Vivaan to the Antakshari .Meera is surprised with her request and asks what will he do in a Hindi songs competition ,and reminds Silky that he is born and brought up in London.As silky begs her that she wants his presence there even if he doesn’t know any songs ,Meera agrees,But Silky suggests that they should do something novel to make him accept their invitation.As per the plan ,Silky will extend the invitation very politely ,but Meera as usual ,should be her rude self and comment that she knows he will not attend because he doesn’t know Hindi songs and so ,scared of losing etc …and Vuvaan ,being egoistic,will agree to participate.

As they enter his room ,they see Vivaan working on his laptop.Silky keeps the tray on the table and he conveys his thanks and goes back to his work.The sisters look at each others and Silkk politely requests him to attend the evening party and Antakshiri.After conveying he can not attend as he is busy.,he gets up and goes away leaving the girls whispering ,particularly Meera who says that she knows he won’t attend as his hindi is very poor and he doesn’t want to mix with people,so let him sit in the room all alone singing to the walls while they enjoy thoroughly.Vivaan who overhears all this ,comes back quickly,drinks the medicine in one gulp and declares to Meera that he is coming to the function and participating in the competition as well.Meera reminds him that the competition is with Indians whose Hindi is strong. So he should think twice as he might lose.As they challenge each other, silky feels happy that her plan has worked.

Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022 April Update Zee World: Bittu comes to hisvbrother’s room and finds him lying on his bed with lights off.He wakes him up and asks why he is lying in the darkness while the complete household is getting ready for the function.Meera’s father sadly replies that he is scared of facing light.Bittu takes out a ring from his pocket and shows to his brother.Tob his surprise ,it turns out to be the same ring that he wanted to take on lloan in the shop ,but couldn’t as the shop keeper wanted cash down.Hev asks Bittu how did he manage the money,he replies that he too didn’t have money but his approach was different,he approached the shop keeper as a customer,not as a borrower like he did.Meera’s father gets elated and appreciates his brother for his help,Dolly,standing in the doorway watches this affection between the brothers with tears and thanks Bittu when he comes out.
Meera ,going upnthe stairs trips and Vivaan passing that way holds her followed by an eye lock.Both recover from that intimate moment ,as Meera starts to move away Vivaan , holding her hand ,pushes her against the wall and challenges her that she will lose.,,Meera retaliates he will lose,Vivaan asks what about betting,when Meera refuses to bet,he taunts her that she is scared to bet because she is not confident of winning.Cheesed up by his instigation ,Meera asks what are the bets,Vivaan replies she will come to know later.Meera warns him to brush up whatever Hindi songs he knows as the competition is going to be tough.
End of the episode.

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