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Bridal Material Saturday 23rd April 2022 April Update Zee World 

Bridal Material Saturday 23rd April 2022 April Update Zee World
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Bridal Material Saturday 23rd April 2022 April Update Zee World: Amaya apologizes Meera on Vivan’s behalf. Meera says they are simple people with simple lifestyle, they don’t know to conspire or trouble anyone, she does not want Vivan to insult her family at least. She suggests Amaya to go to gurudwara and pray for her brother’ conscience.

Vivan goes to detective’s office and asks if he found the man he asked to find. Detective in a punjabi style says without any photo or clue, how can he find the man with just name among 3 crore citizens. Vivan angrily frisks him and throwing money on him walks out shouting he himself will find out now.

Meera goes for kabbadi practice and while jogging on ground fumes reminiscing Vivan’s misbehavior. Coach comes and says they should better get married and forget kabbaddi as their husbands will not let them play. Meera says her fiance does not mind her playing kabaddi and himself used to play in childhood. Coach asks to get ready for qualifying match then.

Vivan walks searching Amaya. Dolly and Biji ask him to calm down as Amaya must have gone somewhere nearby. Vivan says disgusting, he will call police. Dolly and Biji get afraid. Meera’s sister asks what is happening, if thief came. Daadi says they don’t have anything precious to be stolen, Amaya is missing.

Bridal Material Saturday 23rd April 2022 April Update Zee World: Sister says she saw Amaya going with Meera for kabbaddi practice. Vivan rushes to kabbaddi ground angirly. Meera is busy playing kabaddi qualifying matchand is about to win when Vivan barges in and pulls her. She falls on him and gets angry. He shouts what the hell. Meera’s friends get excited seeing Vivan Kapoor and asks how does she know him. Prince walks in and says he tried to stop Vivan, but Vivan barged in like brake failed vehicle. Meera scolds Vivan for spoiling her match. Vivan also shouts and says Amaya is missing. Meera says she must have gone to gurudwara to pray for Vivan’s conscience. Vivan continues yelling at her. She says she will accompany him to show gurudwaras and temples. He shouts to stay away form him and his sister. She says there is one gurudwara and mandira after 2 roads.

Sumer’s parents come to Meera’s house. Family greets them. Parents say Sumer is going on a business project to US in 15 days and cannot return for 2 years, so they want Sumer and Meera’s wedding within 10 days. Family hesitantly agrees. Meera enters and hears that and hopes marriage cancels as qualifying match is in 10 days.

Precap: Dolly tells Pavan that Meer’a marriage is fixed in 10 days.
Meera says she does not want to marry.

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