Bridal material on zee world Wednesday 29th June 2022

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Bridal material on zee world Wednesday 29th June 2022:Tulika camouflaged as Daadi gives dark magic’d apple to Meera saying Guru maaa gave it to her, says she really wants greatgrandchildren soon and leaves while Meera stands modest. Tulika then goes to her room and starts dark enchantment yelling that Vivan and Meera won’t ever join together. She shows her genuine face without specs and long hair. Meera nibbles organic product.

Vivan gets heartfelt with Meera and says she needs to eat some other organic product for child. Tulika blacks enchantment on foods grown from the ground it. Meera is going to kiss Vivan when she feels pounding migraine and backs off yelling. Vivan says she is acting to send him away and is going to kiss her when she tumbles down. He worriedly asks what has been going on with her. She says she is winded, doe snot realize what’s going on. Tulika keeps gnawing apple and says this is only the start. Once more, meera falls. Vivan and Dolly encompass her. Meera awakens and says she is feeling holding migraine. Vivan says she sat before smoke, so she is feeling migraine, she will be fine soon.

Tulika goes to her stepmom’s home and apologizes her for misconception her, she was unable to stop when mother tormented her. She wastes stepmom and uncovers she recruited woman to go about as stepmom. She then takes a gander at Paromita’s garlanded pic and uncovers she is her sister and won’t quiet down till she gets payback from Vivan and Meera.

Bridal material on zee world Wednesday 29th June 2022: Next morning, Vivan and Meera appreciate breakfast with family and Tulika. Overseer comes and says he needs to converse with Meera. Meera addresses him. He says he checked specialist’s last call record and he addressed Meera before murder, he likewise found a blade at murder spot, so he needs to check every relative’s unique mark. Tulika gets strained.

Precap: Tulika harms Meera’s neck strongly while Meera yells for help.


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