Anupama Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Star Life

Anupama Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Star Life
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Anupama Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Star Life: Anupama prays Kanhaji that this time responsibilities and opportunity are big and even fear, so he should bless her. She then touches Bapuji’s feet, and he blesses her. She tries to touch Baa’s feet, but she backs off. Mamaji holds Baa, and Baa blesses Anu frowning. Kinjal says she need not worry about house. Anu says she should concentrate on her meeting today and not bother about house as she prepared food already. Samar says auto came. Toshu asks Anu if her friend didn’t send auto. Anu says he didn’t as he is a business partner more than a friend now. Bapuji asks her to be confident. Kinjal asks not to worry about house. Anu says she will not until Kinjal is there. Baa comments she is here to worry. Vanraj wishes her all the best. Kavya comments have fun with Anuj. Anu says I will and leaves home confidently. Samar and Kinjal give her instructions what she should do. She reminds she is their mother. Kinjal says that is why, she is precious to them. Anu boards auto and headsd towards airport.

GK drives car to drop AK. AK says even parked cars move fast. GK says still there is a lot of time left. Baa on the other side curses Anu, and Bapuji confronts her. AK’s car breaks down. He gets tensed thinking Anu will reach on time and he will be late. Anu in auto excitedly thinks she will ride a plane today. AK runs holding his bag in SRK’s style. Anu notices and stops him and asks why he is running, if he wants to jog for airport like he does for office. He says yes. She says that is why he is so fit. Auto driver asks is it. Anu says he is of her age. Auto driver says even he will run from tomorrow. Anu jokes with AK before giving him lift.

Anupama Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Star Life: Neighbors ask Baa if Anu went somewhere as her daughter saw Anu with someone in airport. Anu yells at them that they will create an issue out of it. They say they were just asking. Bapuji stops Baa. Baa says they will have to face humiliation because of Anu from hereon. Anu enters airport with AK and gets happy after check in. Samar informs family that mummy checked into airport, but slipped and fell. Family gets concerned. Mamaji jokes. Samar asks if they know what mummy checked after getting up. Vanraj comments she must have checked her sandals. Anu enters airport and seeing air hostess says she is very beautiful and should be in films. AK shows her seat. She says Kinjal told front seats are costly. AK says business class is a bit costlier than economy class. She lectures him not to waste money unnecessarily. He smiles.

Samar tells Bapuji that sometimes Mr Shah acts good and sometimes weird. Bapuji says Vanraj wants to be happy seeing Anu’s success, but the environment around him doesn’t let him do so. Samar asks what does he mean. Bapuji explains that men are taught that they are provider and should provide everything to women, but when women move ahead, men get jealous and can’t digest it; he hopes Vanraj stops getting jealous. Back in flight, AK teaches Anu how to fix seatbelt and calls air hostess for help. Fellow passenger laughs at Anu, but gets afraid seeing AK. Anu says people respect him so much. He recites shayari. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is not less than AK who is still waiting for Anu and he after breaking up with her is still attached to her, what is there between them that their relationship is not breaking completely. He says he doesn’t now.

Precap: Anu enjoys her flight journey. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is fearing that their history will repeat with Anu and Anuj.
Vanraj says there is an attachment which he is unable to break.

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