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Anupama May Teasers 2022 Star Life Update

Anupama May Teasers 2022
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Anupama May Teasers 2022 Star Life Update: Anupama’s joy comes crashing down when Rakhi reveals the truth to the family. Read Starlife Anupama May 2022 Teasers:

Sunday 1  May  2022

Episode 31

Paritosh is overjoyed to see Kinjal all dressed up for the festival. Later, Kavya feels insecure, noticing Vanraj and Anupamaa’s closeness during the Janmashtami Puja.

Episode 32

Kavya fumes at the sight of Vanraj and Anupama’s dance performance. While Kinjal’s mother causes a ruckus, Anupama gets insulted in front of everyone.

Monday 2  May 2022

Episode 33

Vanraj supports Anupamaa when Kinjal’s mother crosses a line. While the scene quickly spirals out of control, Vanraj’s firm statements leave everyone shocked.

Episode 34

Paritosh and Samar get into a huge disagreement disturbing the atmosphere at home. Later, Anupama sets off to make things right.

Tuesday 3  May 2022

Episode 35

Rakhi puts forth a condition for Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding. While Samar finds cigarettes in Pakhi’s school bag, Paritosh experiences a panic attack.

Episode 36

A furious Paritosh leaves the house after Vanraj berates him. Later, Samar breaks down while Anupamaa tries to stop her son.

Wednesday 4  May  2022

Episode 37

Kinjal’s mother gives Paritosh a grave ultimatum while a teary-eyed Vanraj contemplates his decision. Later, Paritosh struggles to conform to the habits of his new home.

Episode 38

Anupama is worried sick following a nightmare about Paritosh’s death. Later, Samar confronts Pakhi about the cigarettes found in her bag.

Thursday 5  May  2022

Episode 39

A furious Vanraj forsakes all ties with Paritosh after learning about the ultimatum he readily accepted. Later, Anupama takes it upon herself to bring Paritosh back home.

Episode 40

Vanraj has an emotional breakdown while Anupamaa manages to get Paritosh back home. Later, Vanraj orders Paritosh and Anupamaa to leave the house.

Friday 6  May  2022

Episode 41

Vanraj and Kavya are shocked to learn that Sanjay knows their secret. While Leela causes trouble for Pakhi, Vanraj fears the worst upon reaching home.

Episode 42

Vanraj gets furious when Pakhi talks back to him. Later, he gets extremely uncomfortable when Sanjay pays the family an unexpected visit.

Saturday 7  May 2022

Episode 43

Vanraj tries to patch things up with Pakhi but ends up spoiling things with Paritosh instead. He then blames Anupamaa for everything.

Episode 44

Distraught by Anupama’s behaviour, Kavya tells Vanraj that they should part ways. On the other hand, Anupama is petrified when Paritosh goes missing.

Anupama May Teasers 2022 Star Life Update

Sunday 8  May  2022

Episode 45

A drunk Paritosh creates a scene, insulting everyone. Furious at his misbehaviour, Anupamaa slaps him in front of the family.

Episode 46

A furious Vanraj learns the truth as Leela recounts the shocking incident. Later, Anupamaa finds some strange pills in Paritosh’s pocket.

Monday 9  May 2022

Episode 47

Vanraj is devastated on learning about the sleeping pills from Anupama. While Anirudh implements his plan, Anupama takes up Vanraj’s arduous challenge.

Episode 48

Anupamaa is ecstatic upon finally getting a chance to meet Rakhi. While Paritosh gives Anupamaa a lesson on etiquettes, Vanraj and Anirudh get into a scuffle.

Tuesday 10  May 2022

Episode 49

Rakhi begins the conversation by undermining Anupama while Kinjal visits Paritosh’s house. Later, Rakhi is left shaken to her core by Anupama’s statement.

Episode 50

Kavya boils with rage when Vanraj praises Anupama for her achievement. While Kinjal grows ecstatic, Paritosh eagerly awaits Anupama’s return.

Wednesday 11  May  2022

Episode 51

Kavya decides to oust Anupama and take her place after seeing the family rejoice together. Later, Vanraj and Kavya are shocked when Anirudh discloses a secret.

Episode 52

The situation at the Shah household almost turns violent while Samar gets some disheartening news from Nandini. Later, Anupama talks to Vanraj and Kavya.

Thursday 12  May  2022

Episode 53

Anupama is delighted with the sudden change in Vanraj’s behaviour. Later, Vanraj is taken aback when Rakhi inquires about Kavya.

Episode 54

Rakhi brings up Kavya’s name during the conversations, making Vanraj uncomfortable. Later, Rakhi makes a disturbing demand.

Friday 13  May  2022

Episode 55

After Vanraj rejects her idea, Anupama grows confused about Rakhi’s wish. Later, Dolly’s chat with Leela gives Anupama an idea.

Episode 56

Anupama’s family is left stunned by Vanraj’s changed demeanor. On the other hand, Anupama sets out to get the engagement ring.

Saturday 14  May 2022

Episode 57

Anupama’s joy comes crashing down when Rakhi reveals the truth to the family. While Leela gets offended by Anupama’s statement, Vanraj is furious.

Episode 58

Leela humiliates Anupamaa while Kavya grows possessive about Vanraj. Later, Kavya’s drastic act leaves everyone rattled.

Sunday 15  May  2022

Episode 59

Anupamaa tries to convince Leela as she does not want Kavya staying in the house. While Vanraj and Kavya share an intimate moment, Anupamaa enters the room.

Episode 60

Sanjay gets shocked to see Kavya at her house. Later, as Vanraj and Kavya meet at her place, Anirudh takes a picture of them together and blackmails Vanraj.

Monday 16  May 2022

Episode 61

Vanraj continues to put on an innocent face while Anirudh decides to spill the beans. Later, Anupamaa’s family is left shocked by a text message.

Episode 62

Anupama is speechless after Vanraj loses his cool at her while Sanjay comes across a distressing sight. Meanwhile, the Shahs welcome a special guest home.

Tuesday 17  May 2022

Episode 63

A jealous Kavya shatters all her boundaries to prove her right on Vanraj. Later, Anupamaa corrects Kamini’s disrespectful behaviour.

Episode 64

Kinjal and Paritosh’s Aashirwad ceremony commences in high spirits. While everyone is shocked to know the ring missing from the box, Rakhi creates a scene.

Wednesday 18  May  2022

Episode 65

Anupama rebukes Kamini when she shoots some sharp allegations at Jhilmil. While Kavya’s behaviour irks Vanraj, Anupama executes an ingenious plan.

Episode 66

Anupama stops Kavya and Vanraj from attending an online meeting in the bedroom. Nonetheless, Kavya rebukes Samar for his immature behaviour, infuriating Anupama.

Thursday 19  May  2022

Episode 67

To make amends with Vanraj, Kavya decides to prepare pasta for him and the family. On the other hand, Anupamaa consoles her frightened daughter.

Episode 68

Vanraj ignores Kavya while everyone reaches the engagement venue. Meanwhile, Kinjal plays a mischievous prank leaving everyone startled.

Friday 20  May  2022

Episode 69

Rakhi humiliates Vanraj and Anupamaa, while Pakhi is shocked to see Siddharth at the party. Later, Vanraj tries to bridge the gap between him and Kavya.

Episode 70

Anupama exposes Siddharth after he tries to molest Pakhi which results in Rakhi calling off the engagement. Later, Rakhi faces Vanraj’s unbridled rage.

More Teasers to be Available Soon.

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