A New Life Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Pritam saying the wiring is faulty and they want advance. He gets a call. He asks them to solve the murder case mess, his pic is distributed in the police stations. He sees Amrita outside. Amrita and Kamli keep the pickles. He sees the curry burnt. He says I had made this with hardwork, it burnt, what will I have now, I can’t eat dry roti. He sees the pickle containers. He says now when they made me a thief, then its fine. He goes to get the pickles. He says maybe Guneet’s mood was really bad. He takes some pickles in the bowl. He sees Amrita. She asks what shall I say this. He says I was seeing how are the pickles made. She asks are you an expert, did you run a pickles shop. He says no, sorry, I will keep it back.

She says no, will you spoil the rest. He keeps the bowl and says sorry, don’t publicize this. He goes and says she always troubles. She says he is a thief, he could have asked. She goes and sees him eating the food. Kamli says Dadi asked you to tie this cloth to the container. Kamli brings pickles for him. Pritam sees Amrita. He says its my container. Kamli says you should have told thanks instead. He says she did a favor by sending pickles, she should have sent curry. He eats the pickles. He likes it.

Shetty asks what’s happening, we lost the client, new ad isn’t ready. Meera says its ready. Kabir comes. He compliments Meera. He says I have to talk something personal. She asks him to go. Kabir says its about dead body. Shetty stops him. Meera asks what’s this dead body talks always, I can’t work here, I m resigning. Kabir asks her to resign. Shetty says you are my star, you can’t go. He coughs and sits. She asks are you okay. He asks for medicines. She goes. Kabir asks for advance of two months, its my Bhabhi’s godh bharai. Shetty says you joined just few days back. Meera comes. Shetty asks Kabir to make the ad ready and then he will get the advance. Meera laughs. Angad comes from office. He says job is going fine.

A New Life Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Star Life: Guneet and everyone talk about guest list. Kabir comes home and calls Nimrat Kaur/Nimmo out. Nimmo comes to beat him with a slipper. Amrita says don’t call her by her name. Kabir asks why did you sell the bangles when I asked you not to sell. Dada ji and Dadi ask why. Guneet says because of your long guest list. Nimmo says its not their mistake. Kabir says you have under-estimated me, I got money. He gives 50000rs to Guneet. He says these are your bangles. They get shocked. Guneet asks how did you get these. Kabir says Sunny saw you at the jeweller’s store, I got it back. Nimmo says we have to return the money to him. Kabir says I paid him money. Amrita asks how did you get it, tell me. Dadi asks did you do any wrong work. Kabir says no, I took two months salary advance, I don’t involve champ when I lie. Everyone gets emotional. He gives bangles to Nimmo and says don’t sell anything again, dad has a respect in the locality. Nimmo hugs him. Kabir says you handled the problem today, thanks. Dada ji asks what will happen next month, he will get salary after 2 months.

Angad says I will get my salary. Kabir says don’t worry, I will get more advance salary. Angad asks which is this company giving you so much salary. Kabir says I have shown you appointment letter, chill, I m not stealing. Guneet asks Nimmo to keep money in cupboard. Guneet says now we can work on the guest list. Kabir checks. He says if everything was fine, then KK’s name would have been there. Angad gets upset. Amrita asks what happened. Dada ji says I thought of Shabana ji, she wanted to come in your godh bharai. Soni says Meera was so excited. Guneet says KK was also happy hearing about Amrita’s pregnancy. Angad asks can we talk something else. Dada ji says its a happy moment, we will all Shabana and Krishnakant also. Nimmo says no need to call them, we don’t want to get more insulted. Kabir thinks if they come, then Meera will tell about my job. Amrita recalls Meera and gets sad.

Dada ji says we have Amrita’s godh-bharai, we will be glad if you come. KK says I will come with my family. Meera gets shocked. Angad gets angry and says I can’t see her face again. Kabir tells Angad’s problem to Pritam. Pritam asks Angad to agree now, its fine if he doesn’t like the girl. Amrita says Meera is a nice girl, you go and do your work.

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