A New Life Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Kabir to fix the ring light. Nimmo says Kabir came home tired, spare him. Angad comes. Kabir says I will give him the appointment letter. Dadi asks did anything happen. Angad says no. Nimmo asks why aren’t you getting a job. He says I m getting a job, but salary is too less. Amrita asks him not to worry. Nimmo says talk about Angad in your office. Kabir says he doesn’t have any work in my company. Everyone consoles Angad. Guneet comes home. He sits sad. Nimmo asks what’s the matter. Guneet says Kuljeet was asking about Amrita’s godhbharai, he wants to take her along.

Dada ji asks Guneet not to take it wrong, Kuljeet is trying to help, its better if Amrita goes home for her delivery. Dadi says yes. Guneet cries. He says we can’t even this responsibility. Everyone cries. Amrita says the baby will come in this house. Angad says no, we have to think practically. Dada ji says situation is such. Amrita says the baby will be born here in this family. She goes and talks to her dad. Pritam is also on call. He ends his call. She also ends her call. She sees Pritam and stops him. He says I don’t want to talk, you lie a lot. She says sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt Dadi’s heart.

A New Life Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life: He says I had to hear all that because of you, she scolded me. She laughs. He says I don’t want to keep any terms with you all, tell them else… She says keep tone down, you are threatening my family, learn some manners, you crossed line twice, third time you will be out. He says you are threatening now. She says yes. He says its useful talking to you. He goes. Meera is happy. She tells everyone about her enemy in the office. Krishnakant comes home. Apa asks what’s the matter. He says I got a call from the orphanage, its Hamed’s death anniversary. Apa says its 17 years now. He says I m your culprit. Naveen asks was he killed or not. Meera asks him to shut up. Divya asks about Hamed. Apa says he was my husband, he passed away, that’s all. She asks Krishnakant why did he make them sad. He says I will go there. She says we will see it later, why are you making my kids upset. Meera and Divya hug her. Meera says you want to see us happy, why can’t everyone be like you. Apa smiles.

Soni and Amrita have a talk. They see Pritam going upstairs. He sees the broken bolt. He says if I tell Guneet, he will ask me to change it. He hammers the bolt. Amrita lies to rest. She asks Soni to go. They hear the sound. Soni says I will go and stop him. Amrita says leave it, you go and attend your class. Amrita shuts her ears. Karan’s pic falls down the wall. She gets shocked. She gets angry and goes out. She scolds Pritam. Nimmo and everyone get angry on Pritam. Amrita asks are you a man or an animal. Dada ji asks what happened. Amrita says make him out, he is breaking the house. Pritam says I m just fixing a new bolt. She says you know what you did. Pritam says her BP got high, take her to doctor. Amrita says no. Nimmo asks what happened. He says she is shouting, I don’t know. Amrita says you know what you did, you broke my most precious thing, my memories. Nimmo consoles her. Pritam asks why are you getting so emotional, what did I do. Nimmo says we will talk later, stop hammering. Dada ji says yes, we will get the bolt fixed. Pritam says fine. He goes and says strange mad people, what happened. Everyone sees Karan’s broken pic. They get sad.

Pritam says it happened by mistake. He gives her a new frame. He says its your husband’s photo frame, I got this fixed. Amrita sees Karan’s pic.

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