A New Life Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode begins with Dada ji and everybody requesting that Amrita fare thee well. They leave for Jagrata. Amrita is with Soni and Dadi. She proceeds to converse with Karan’s pic. She calls Kuljeet. He requests that Saroj make Amrita’s room prepared, there is still time for conveyance. He answers Amrita’s call. She says I won’t accompany you. He says their condition is terrible, they aren’t prepared for taking cash. She says no, cash isn’t all that matters. Saroj requests that she get Nimmo along. He says gather your sacks, I m doing this for the wellbeing of you, fare thee well. Amrita cries. Pritam thumps the entryway and yells. Amrita requests that Soni check. She proceeds to open the entryway.

Pritam sees her and holds her hand. She requests that he leave her. He pushes her on the couch. He yells and asks what is it that you need, you like to follow me, why, you grabbed my life and my bliss, that lady thinks we have an unsanctioned romance, you realize what will occur with me now, my life will be grabbed now, for what reason did you come after me. He requests that the family come out. Dadi and Soni come. Pritam yells in the tanked state. Amrita cries. Dadi asks are you not afraid to become inebriated and come.

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He says Amrita needs to respond to me, I stay on lease, for what reason does she spy on me, clear up her for avoid me. He alarms Amrita. He says you are a widow, so I have endured you till now. Soni asks how did she respond. He says she is after me, ask her, for what reason does she follow me, what is it that she need to be familiar with me. Dadi requests that he go. He inquires as to for what reason did you come there, what did you tell that lady, you grabbed my life. Amrita yells I sat idle, go first floor, else… He says I will yell to the area and let them know that you follow me.

A New Life Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life: Dadi asks are you not afraid to fault her. He asks isn’t she embarrassed to follow me, ask her for what reason does she need to be familiar with me. Soni requests that he leave, else she will break his head. He requests that Amrita avoid his life, else he will grab all her bliss. They cry. He goes out. Dadi says I will call Guneet, Soni get water. Pritam says I won’t allow anybody to grab my Rahul. He cries. Amrita drinks water. She feels work torment. Dadi asks Amrita is she going through the work. Amrita says OK, save me. Dadi requests that Soni call Guneet and Angad. Pritam lies on the bed. He says for what reason does this occur with me. Dadi searches for Amrita’s clinical document.

Rathi makes an arrangement. He says when rdx impacts, then, at that point, police will explore and get Pritam, his game will be finished. He giggles. Satija comes there and returns the sack. Rathi asks what’s going on with you. Satija says its a phony rdx box. Rathi says its genuine. Satija requests that he really look at it himself. He shows the pack substance. Jogi says Pritam deceived us. Satija says give me genuine material or return my cash. Rathi says Pritam didn’t accomplish something useful by deceiving me, Pritam and his kin will pass on. Soni calls Angad. She says he isn’t replying

. Dadi says call Pammi. Soni says she isn’t replying, we will take Amrita. Pritam hears Amrita shouting. Soni says they aren’t replying. Amrita says nothing ought to happen to my kid. Pritam slaps himself. Dadi says proceed to call Rastogi, he has a vehicle. Pritam cleans up. Amrita says save me, nothing ought to happen to my Karan. Pritam falls and gets up. He run first floor. Soni goes to find support from neighbors. She says Amrita has work torment, there is nobody at home, come quick, get the vehicle. Chobey says I will get it. Pritam goes to Amrita. Dadi reprimands him. He says let me take more time to the emergency clinic. Amrita says don’t come near me. He lifts Amrita. She yells and slaps him.

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A New Life Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life: He says I need to take more time to the medical clinic. She slaps once more. He says get her clinical document. Soni asks where are you taking her. He places Amrita in the taxi. He says I m taking more time to the clinic, get her clinical document quick. Soni gets the document. Amrita cries. Pritam calls the cab driver. He says she is a patient, drive quick. He asks where is the clinical record. He requests that Dadi illuminate the family. He leaves in the taxi. Rathi’s men come there and see him. They follow Pritam. Dadi gets a call. Guneet asks what occurred, Soni called. Dadi says nothing is fine, just get back home with everybody. He asks what occurred. She says Pritam took Amrita with him. He asks what, where and why. She tells everything. He gets stunned. He requests that Nimmo call Dada ji and Angad, they need to leave quick.

Specialist converses with the family. She says we can either save the mum or kid. Pritam looks on.

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