A New Life Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Nimmo asking are you also thinking as Guneet. Amrita says they will come to bless my baby, please maybe everything gets fine. Krishnakant comes home. He asks Divya and Naveen to keep peace at home. Apa asks why are you worried. Krishnakant says Tiwari came to invite me for his daughter’s marriage, Meera isn’t agreeing for marriage. Naveen asks him to chill. Krishnakant says I did wrong by fixing this relation with Meera, Meera is hurt that the relation broke. Apa says you broke it. Dada ji calls him. Apa asks Krishnakant to answer. Krishnakant answers. Dada ji asks how are you, did you had my number saved. Krishnakant says yes, how are you all. Dada ji says I called for a special thing, its Amrita’s godh bharai, you said you will dance in her godhbharai, what if relation broke, happiness is celebrated with family, you always became a part of our happiness, we will be glad if you come, Amrita will get your blessings, its fine if you don’t want to come, our blessings will be with you always. Krishnakant says I will come with my entire family in Amrita’s godhbharai. Dada ji says bless you, I knew you will keep my respect. Meera looks at Krishnakant. Krishnakant says I m already ashamed because of that Guneet’s matter, everything is same, you will always be like dad for me. Dada ji says then fine, we will wait for you, tell Shabana that I called her. He ends the call.

He says Nimmo said Krishnakant won’t come, he agreed to come, he is coming with family. Nimmo asks how did he agree to come, does he want to insult us, he turned away seeing us at the hospital. Dadi says maybe he regrets. Guneet says he could have refused. Krishnakant says I can’t say no to Dada ji. Meera asks how can you forget that Guneet slapped you, no one came to meet you at the hospital. He says let it be, its their deeds, its not about Sakhujas, but of Amrita, she has been good towards us always, and Karan…. Apa you know Karan has always respected me, he used to come running if we fell ill, its Amrita and baby’s function, how can I miss it. Meera hugs Krishnakant. She says you are the gem, you are ready to forgive them, I m proud of you, Nimmo, Guneet, Angad and Kabir… He asks what did Kabir do, tell me if he is troubling. Apa says forget everything and come for Amrita’s sake. Meera says its decided, we all are going to Amrita’s godhbharai. Apa says you became my brother once again, Krishnakant.

A New Life Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life: Amrita asks what happened. Nimmo says I told you all, you have to choose KK or me, you chose KK. Kabir jokes. Amrita says I want your happiness, we can refuse to KK. Dada ji says Nimmo, don’t hate KK much that your love for Amrita gets less. Nimmo hugs Amrita and says I love you more than I hate him. Amrita thanks her. Someone knocks Pritam’s door. He says someone from Sakhujas have come again. Nitin and Monty come. Pritam says I asked you not to come, what was the need. Monty says Kabir opened the gate for us. Nitin says it was urgent, we have to meet Rathi. Monty says its risky, it can be a trap. Pritam says we will meet him. Angad comes on the terrace and sits. Pritam says we will go out and talk. Kabir and Amrita come to Angad. Pritam and his friends leave. Amrita sees them going.

Amrita asks when did they come. Kabir says just now, explain Angad. Amrita says Nimmo agreed, don’t get angry, think its a new beginning. Kabir says yes, KK is also ready to forget the slap, even Guneet is happy. Angad says I can’t forget, Meera insulted our family, I can’t see her face again. Kabir says don’t take it on ego. Pritam comes. Kabir asks him to listen. Amrita says don’t tell it to outsiders. Kabir says we are already explaining, Angad isn’t listening. He asks Pritam is it right if anyone extends hand of friendship. Pritam says I m an outsider. Amrita asks him to go. Pritam says her attitude never ends. He thinks they always enter my matter, I will enter their matter. He asks what’s the matter.

Kabir says Angad was engaged to Meera, her dad broke the engagement after he got rich, he is taking interest again, he is ready to come in Amrita’s godhbharai, you also didn’t behave right with us and Amrita, when you saved Angad and her life, we forgot everything right. Pritam says Angad, did your finger get a cut, we suck our own blood, it doesn’t go back in our body, it stops bleeding, these old cut off relations are such, we just try to stop the pain, Kabir is saying right, life gives second chance to few people, one who leaves never comes back, once we lose something, we don’t get it, life is giving you a second chance, grab it, we can’t show our back to death and happiness. Amrita says Angad, everything isn’t in our hands, we should leave it to fate, Meera and her family are coming, let them come, maybe something good happens. Pritam says I have explained you, she also explained you, now agree, if you don’t like that girl, then tell us. Amrita says Meera is a nice girl, go and do your work. She asks Kabir to come.

Amrita says Guneet got fresh dhaniya. She gets Pritam’s pic. She asks Dada ji to see Pritam’s pic. Rathi sees the explosives. He asks Pritam to take the bag anywhere he tells.

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