A New Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Amrita asking Pritam to leave, Kabir is sleeping. She asks him to go now, else she will shout. Pritam sees the drawing in the blanket. He says I won’t go without taking my thing, there is a drawing paper, look there. She sees the paper. She asks is that yours. He says yes, I request you, give me that. She says yes. She goes and sees the drawing. She gives it to Pritam. He thanks her and goes upstairs. He hugs the drawing. He cries and thinks of his son. He says no one can snatch you from me. He gets Monty’s call. He scolds Monty. Nitin asks what happened, are you fine, leave it, he doesn’t know about yesterday, we got to know someone, he can take us to big supplier. Pritam says it will be fun to play a big game. Nitin says it can be dangerous. He says we have come to play with dangers, don’t worry, keep the dealer ready, if he doesn’t agree, then we will make his diwali. Monty asks is your mood fine.

Pritam says yes. Monty jokes again. He laughs. Pritam says I m stuck between mad people here. He says I will have a bath and come. Angad doesn’t have money. Soni gives her savings. She says keep it, it will help you in interview. He says I m not so poor, keep it. She says I didn’t say that, keep it as loan, I will take back double. Kabir says give me some time also. Angad says show me your office today. Kabir says no, I m getting late. Angad says I m ready, why are you scared. Kabir says no, come. They leave. Pritam asks Kamli to sweep the common area. Kamli gets scared of him. He goes for bath. Amrita asks her not to argue with him. Kamli says he asked me to clean balcony. Amrita says Nimmo will scold you. Pritam takes a bath. Amrita waters the plants. The water goes off. Pritam calls out Kamli. Amrita and Kamli hear him shouting. Pritam ties a towel and goes out. He asks is anyone here. He comes out. Amrita laughs. Pritam says water isn’t coming. The neighbors see him and click pics. Dadi jokes and laughs. Pritam says how shall I take bath, send any man. Dadi says your body is nice, how many packs. Kamli says everyone is seeing, go and wear clothes. Pritam argues with them and says I paid three months advance, not for this, my eyes are burning, its not my problem. Dadi says I will send water with Kamli. He says fast, I need to go out. They all laugh.

A New Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life: Angad and Kabir come to the office. Angad asks where is your office. Kabir says this way, you go and focus on your interview. Angad says there is still time, I will see your office, come. Kabir says no need, I m going home, you don’t doubt me. A lady comes and greets Angad. Kabir says he wants to see our office, boss is so rude. She saysno issues, please come, this way. Angad says you said your office is that side. Kabir says we can go this way also.

Pritam gets ready to leave. Tukku stops him and flirts with him. Amrita looks at them and smiles. He asks her to give the keys. She asks did you have a bath well, I heard the water went off, you looked handsome, you should have called me, I m your neighbor. He says I took a bath, give me the keys, let me go. She says you chose a wrong house, water can go any day, their bad time is running, their water and electricity will get cut, you come to my house, penthouse is vacant, you will get best facility. He scolds her for talking wrong about neighbor. He takes the keys and says get away. She says you got angry, I didn’t mean that. He leaves. She sees Amrita. She goes

Angad asks is this your office, Meera’s office is also here, I used to come here to pick her up. The girl asks our office girl Meera? Kabir says there are many girls named Meera, office girl is sweet. Muskaan says she always shouts these days. Kabir asks her to go upstairs, he will come. Kabir says she doesn’t like Meera, don’t get after Meera, focus on the interview. Angad says fine. He stops seeing Meera coming.

Pritam meets someone. He asks for the market control. The man says you are a policeman, I m giving you a chance, just leave.

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