A New Life Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Soni saying he can’t be a killer, he has a weak heart. Amrita says he always shouts. She acts like Pritam. Soni laughs. Amrita says he is really very dangerous, he won’t even blink seeing a dead body. Soni says if he was the cold blooded killer, he would have not got tensed. Amrita says he was beating a man in the hospital. Nimmo comes to call Amrita. Soni says you guys are going to the hospital, I will go for online class. She goes. Nimmo asks what’s the matter. Amrita says everything is fine, I got upset reading the murder news. Nimmo says think good in this state, come. Meera and Divya ask Naveen to shut up and stand. They also pray with Apa.

Naveen says I will go now. Krishnakant and Meera ask him to stand for some time. Naveen jokes badly. Krishnakant slaps him. Apa stops him. Krishnakant says he said a cheap thing, I will not leave him. Divya says forgive Naveen. Meera says let him go. Apa says he is a kid, he doesn’t understand things. Krishnakant says he has to understand, didn’t you listen what he said. Apa says keep your tone down. Meera asks Naveen to leave. She asks Krishnakant to relax. She gives the flowers and says you have to go to the graveyard. Naveen says I m not involved in this, I don’t like all this. Apa asks Krishnakant to go and do the rituals. Naveen goes. Krishnakant gets dizzy. He stumbles. They all hold her. Meera shouts to Naveen. She asks Krishnakant to breath. Divya asks did he get a heart attack. Apa goes to get water. Naveen comes and asks what happened. Meera says call the doctor. Apa says we should take Krishnakant to the family doctor. Amrita sees Monty and Nitin going upstairs to Pritam’s house.

A New Life Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Star Life: Nimmo asks what happened, come. Guneet says there will be much crowd at the hospital, come. Pritam gets worried. Monty and Nitin come and whistle. Pritam asks why did you come. They say you have come in cctv footage, you can fall into trouble, you should have not kidnapped that girl, did you kill her. Pritam gets angry. Angad comes and says who is he talking to. He knocks the door. Pritam says baraati have come. Angad asks who are you talking to. Pritam opens the door and asks what happened. Angad asks who is inside, I heard some voice. Pritam says my friends came to meet me. Angad asks how did they come, main gate is locked. Pritam says they came much time before, can’t they come to meet me. Angad says no, I was just curious. He gets a call. He gets happy that he got a job. He leaves. Pritam looks on. He says don’t do this again, I will sort this issue, go now, see how I look in the cctv footage. Amrita, Guneet and Nimmo are at the hospital. Guneet says a nurse identified me as Karan’s dad and didn’t let me stand in queue. They see Krishnakant coming with the family. Divya says he had chest pain. Nimmo asks Guneet not to go. He says I will see KK once. She says he turned his face away, come with us.

Meera and Naveen come. They see Amrita. Nimmo turns away. Meera greets Amrita and goes. Pritam meets Monty and Nitin. Nitin says lookout has started, your face is seen in cctv, police circulated this in every police station, don’t go anywhere for some days, you may get caught. Inspector comes. He asks them to stop. Pritam says matter can get worse, wear the masks. They wear the masks to cover face. Meera says I don’t want sadness on anyone’s face, stay strong, Krishnakant is strong like me, relax, cheer up, everything will be fine. Doctor says Krishnakant is okay. Meera asks ecg reports. Doctor says its normal, we should get 2D echo done for more clarity. Meera says sure. Amrita says doctor didn’t come, can you check. Nimmo goes. Amrita asks Guneet to go and see KK, she will handle Nimmo. Guneet thanks her. He goes.

Nimmo says doctor went for ward visit, she will come in some time, where did Guneet go. Amrita says let him go, please. Nimmo says I will just come. She also goes. Inspector asks them to show faces. Pritam says its covid time, its not safe. Inspector says really, I have stepped back, show your face. Pritam removes the mask. Inspector says I find your face familiar.

Shetty comes to Dolly. Kabir says she has a Maun vrath today. Dolly says the same. Meera slaps a guy who misbehaves with Amrita.

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