A New Life Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Nitin calling Pritam. He says she had come at your old address, she was asking about you. Pritam says what does she want. Nitin says relax, we will handle her. Pritam says she doesn’t know what I do, don’t tell her the new address. Nitin says don’t worry, I called to inform. He ends call. Pritam angrily throws the food. He sits to drink. Krishnakant asks the site manager to send him the guy’s details. He says come home tomorrow, we have to finalize a top class guy for Meera. Meera comes and hugs him. She says I m very happy. He says then I m also happy. He says I started finding a guy for you. Meera dances with Apa. She asks when. He says you told it yesterday, ask Apa. Meera says you thought I was serious then, I told that in anger, how can I marry now. He says its wrong. She says I was upset, you know my anger, I have to achieve a lot in life, I want to get the good position to handle Kabir. He asks what. She says there is a mean guy, I will handle him, marriage not now. He says fine. She says I love you, can you arrange a gun for me. He asks what. She says I want to shoot someone. He asks what. She says fine, let it be, I will torture him every day in office. He asks who. She goes.

Apa asks what did she say. He says I m scared,we should get her married, its because of Angad and Sakhuja, she is talking strange things. She asks do you worry for her or not. Dada ji and everyone have icecreams. He asks everyone to listen to his joke. Everyone laughs. Pritam drinks. Dada ji jokes. Pritam hears the family laughing. He gets angry. He goes out. Dadi and everyone ask Amrita to sing a song. Amrita says no. Angad says Amrita will sing a song now. Everyone claps. Pritam sits angry. Amrita sings Tujhse naraaz….. Pritam hears her singing. He sees the family happy and hugging Amrita. He smiles.

A New Life Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life: Everyone claps. Pritam also wants to clap. Amrita hugs the baby clothes. Pritam goes to his room. He gets a bag. He checks a diary. He gets a drawing. He cries for his son and sleeps. Its morning, Pritam wakes up. He sees Kabir sleeping on the floor. He says get up, its my room, how did you come inside. Kabir says the window is loose, I can come in, let me sleep. Pritam says its the limit. He calls out Dadi as aunty. She gets happy and asks who is he. Pritam says I m here. She blesses him. She asks what’s the matter. He says Kabir doesn’t have manners, he entered my room, he is sleeping here. Dadi asks how did he go upstairs. He says I don’t know, I don’t like anyone disturbing me. Amrita says sorry. Dadi says he used to sleep in that room before. He says take him from my room. Dadi asks Amrita to go and see, Nimmo will beat him.

Amrita goes upstairs. She sees the wine glasses. She asks Kabir to get up. Kabir says let me sleep. Amrita says its not our room now, understand, get up, how much will you get us insulted, get up else I will slap you, come with me. Kabir wakes up. Pritam’s drawing paper comes in the blanket. Amrita and Kabir leave. Pritam looks for the drawing. Dadi asks why did you sleep there. Kabir asks what happened. Amrita asks him to sleep. Pritam thinks did it go with Kabir. He sees Kabir sleeping and says get up hero. Amrita asks what do you want now.

Pritam takes a bath. Water stops in the tap. He shouts and comes out. He asks them to run the water taps, he paid the advance already. Angad asks is this your office, Meera’s office is also here. Kabir worries.

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