A New Life Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Soni saying why is he hiding like that. Pritam takes the vegetables bags. It falls down. Amrita says he got vegetables today. Soni asks does he know cooking. Amrita says maybe. He takes a call. The paper falls there. He takes the paper. He says I reached, okay. He goes upstairs. The paper falls on the staircase. Soni says he is going to cook. Amrita sees the paper and asks Soni. Soni says maybe its of Pritam. Pritam asks his friends to be careful. Amrita hears Guneet and Nimmo arguing. They go to see. Guneet and Nimmo argue about Krishnakant. Amrita says I spoke to Meera, KK uncle is fine, he didn’t had any heart attack. Guneet says I m angry on Nimmo’s attitude, I thought of KK to meet him, he didn’t wish to talk to me, he turned away seeing me, till when will we show greatness and get insulted. She cries.

Amrita consoles her and says we love you. Angad comes. He says why do you all just talk of KK uncle, don’t we have a life. Guneet says KK… Angad says I don’t want to hear anything, I m not angry, I came to give good news. Soni asks what’s the good news. He says I got the job. They all smile happily. Angad says its final. Nimmo hugs him. Guneet hugs Nimmo and Angad.

Angad says salary is less. Amrita says its okay, we will be happy now. Angad says its not KK’s moment, its our moment. Krishnakant says I will go to graveyard and pray for Hamed. Apa says don’t go anywhere, graves are in person’s heart also, those who left, we should not mourn for them but take care of family, I m not telling about Sakhujas, but of Naveen, you should have not slapped him for my sake. He says you are very imp for me, he should understand relations. Meera hears them. Apa asks him to take rest. Meera hugs Apa and says thanks.

A New Life Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Star Life: Apa asks why. Meera says thanks for always being there, you filled place of dad’s sister, you filled our mum’s place with your goodness, you become dad’s mum sometimes and scold him. Apa says I wish I could stop him from doing all that, forget it, did you meet Amrita there. Meera says yes, everyone changed, just Amrita is dear, Nimmo turned away seeing me, they didn’t come to see dad, they are behaving like dad is responsible for the mess. Apa says you don’t know much, what appears isn’t true always. She goes. Pritam talks on call. He says I will handle, dead body won’t have my fingerprints, I want money for a big deal, this time I will go alone. He sees the vegetables and says what shall I cook today. He plays a song and smiles. Mai bhi badiya….plays….

He cuts the cabbage. Soni says who is listening to this song. Amrita says voice is coming from Pritam’s room. Soni says day is different, Angad got a good, Pritam is in a happy mood. Pritam dances and cuts the cabbage. Kamli asks who dropped the cabbage there. Amrita says maybe it fell from Pritam’s bag. Soni says its fresh. Amrita says he knows buying vegetables. Soni, Amrita and Kamli dance. Pritam looks for the paper. He worries and stops the paper. Kamli asks what’s this paper. Amrita says maybe its of Pritam. Amrita takes the paper. Pritam comes out and says wait. He gets angry and snatches the paper. Soni asks why do you overreact like this. Amrita stops him. She asks him to keep his cabbage also. He goes upstairs. Soni and Kamli sing, and tease him. He turns to see. He goes. They laugh. He burns the paper. Inspector sees Pritam’s pic and says you were showing attitude, he has Pritam’s ID card, maybe his real name is different, he had his friends along, they looked like criminals, I want this Pritam and then I will see his attitude.

Pritam eats the food. Light goes. He goes downstairs and takes a bulb. Amrita says he has stolen the bulb. Guneet argues with the neighbors for the bulb. Amrita asks them to let it go. She sees Pritam.

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