A New Life Monday 18th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Monday 18th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Monday 18th April 2022 Update Star Life:  The story depends on the existences of Amrita and Pritam who will have entirely unexpected lives however destiny unites them. Amrita is a pregnant widow while Pritam will have criminal records.

Last week we saw that Nimmo told Saroj and Kuljit that Amrita has offered the bonds to monetarily help them. Kuljit quits fooling around and says that tomorrow he is coming to carry Amrita to Ludhiana. Everybody is going out for mata ki chowki aside from Santo and Sonia. Pritam is intoxicated and goes to converse with Amrita. He yells at her and she gets terrified. He says that he will obliterate her. He lets Amrita know that who requested that she follow him and meddle in his life. He says that as a result of her now he can lose his most valuable thing.

Santo and Sonia attempted to stop him. Rathi comes to realize that Pritam has betrayed him and gave him counterfeit Rdx. Amrita began feeling work torment. Amrita advises Santo to save her and her kid. Amrita slaps Pritam when he lifts her and takes more time to the taxi. He takes more time to the emergency clinic with Sonia and ask Santo illuminate everybody. Santo calls Guneet and informs him everything regarding what occurred with Amrita. She request that he come at the earliest opportunity. Rathi’s men are following Pritam.

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Rathi’s men overwhelm the Pritam’s vehicle and attempts to shoot him. They fired two weapons yet he get saved and takes Amrita from another course. Pritam faults himself for everything. Specialist says that Amrita is worn out and she can’t push and they could need to perform her medical procedure. Guneet says that they can perform the medical procedure. Specialist expresses that experiencing the same thing they can either save the mother or the youngster. Nimmo request that they save Amrita assuming the present circumstance emerges. Pritam listens this and lets his companions know that Vishakha was Right he is definitely not a decent man.

A New Life Monday 18th April 2022 Update Star Life: Specialist comes and tells Sakhujas that Amrita is answering and they shouldn’t have to perform the medical procedure. Amrita began contemplating Karan and bring forth the youngster. Specialist heads outside and praise the Sakhujas and lets them know that a kid is conceived. Specialist says that they ought to Thank that man of honor who welcomes Amrita on schedule. Rathi’s men have taken more time to another room. A medical attendant come and request that Guneet fill the for on the grounds that now they are moving Amrita to general ward. Everybody is stunned. Nobody can track down Amrita and her child.

In the interim, Pritam gets a call from Rathi. Pritam request that Rathi leave Amrita amd her child. He says that she is a widow. Rathi says he is allowing him one hour time to give him unique rdx any other way he will kill them. Priam request that Monty organize rdx. Sukhbeer, Santo, Pammi and Baljit are easing up diyas. Kuljit and Saroj likewise shows up. Sukhbeer gives them the uplifting news. Kuljit needed to come to clinic yet Guneet request that he come tomorrow. He told Everything to Sukhbeer. He request that he not let Kuljit come at the emergency clinic. Sukhbeer and Santo are discussing Amrita. Kuljit listens him and request that he come clean. Sukhbeer comes clean with him that Amrita and her youngster are absent.

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Pritam goes to Rathi and gives him rdx. That’s what he says on the off chance that he don’t call his men then he will pull the wire of this rdx and everybody needs to pass on. Rathi gets terrified and calls his men and request that they do likewise. Nitin gets a message from Pritam that Amrita is protected and furthermore in which room she is at the present time. Nitin informed Sakhujas concerning Amrita. Afterward, Amrita takes her child in her grasp and request that Guneet let Pritam out of their home.

A New Life Monday 18th April 2022 Update Star Life: Pritam returns home. Pammi and Baljit yelled at him and request that he leave. However, Guneet stops them and says that they pardon him. Pritam apologizes from Santo and says that he is exceptionally humiliated for what he has done yesterday. Santo says that he saved her Amrita amd now she will just recall this.

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