A New Life Monday 11th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Monday 11th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Monday 11th April 2022 Update Star Life: The story depends on the existences of Amrita and Pritam who will have very surprising lives however destiny unites them. Amrita is a pregnant widow while Pritam will have criminal records.

Last week we saw that, Amrita tells Everyone that Pritam is associated with a NGO. Guneet says that he doing an extremely incredible work. Nimmo says that he is helping vagrant kid. Pritam says that he isn’t Orphaned. Then he says that he is there for each kid. Nimmo says that they have seen this side of his interestingly. She lets him know that in the event that needs to then he can sympathize with his aggravation. She says that aggravation dies down by sharing. Pritam gazes at her. Then, at that point, she says that he can sympathize with his aggravation with Sukhbeer. Pritam says he is OK and disappears.

Sukhbeer and Santo are strained as a result of Kabir. Angad request that they not stress he says that he will deal with everything. Kabir goes to Pritam and request that he help out for him. He request that he find him a line of work. Pritam says he will attempt to follow through with something and request that he leave. Pritam’s companion considers him and lets him know that there is a party happening in a ranch house and there adolescents are involving drugs in an enormous sum. He says that the kid whom they found in the first part of the day is likewise there. Pritam says that he is coming.

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A New Life Monday 11th April 2022 Update Star Life: Angad drops Sonia at the party. She goes in a similar party where Pritam and Naveen are likewise present. Naveen is ingesting medications and Pritam sees him. He request that his companion watch out for him. Somebody in the party attempts to draw nearer to Sonia and he attempts to accomplish a major issue with her. Sonia drives him away. Pritam sees her and request that his companion help her. Then he request that Sonia return home. Pritam holds her hand and make her demonstration his vehicle. Furthermore, inside a couple of moments Police shows up there. Sonia began crying when she sees the police amd gets terrified.

When Sonia gets back home crying with Pritam, Amrita ask her what was the deal? Pritam hinders and says that she is coming from an auto alone and the driver isn’t perfect individual. The driver attempted to accomplish some kind of problem with her however he saw her amd saved her. Sonia says that Pritam is correct. Rita goes to Sonia’s room and request that she come clean with her. Sonia tells her precisely what occurred in the party and how Pritam saved her. Amrita additionally request that she not tell anything to the family.

A New Life Monday 11th April 2022 Update Star Life: Following day, Everyone ridicules Pritam for wearing colouful clothing. He began putting nail on the divider inna mad outburst and got injured. Amrita request that he come first floor. He says he needn’t bother with her assistance. In any case, when everybody demand him he goes ground floor and there Amrita do the emergency treatment of his hand. She ask him really do nothing out of frustration if not he will hurt himself. Amrita and Nimmo goes to clinic for the normal examination of Amrita. The ex of Pritam additionally comes there and attempts to click Amrita’s image.

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