A New Life Saturday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life

A New Life Friday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life
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A New Life Friday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode begins with everybody searching for Amrita and child. Nitin says no lady and new conceived child left the emergency clinic. Pritam says it implies they are here, Rathi would have sent us a video at this point. Nurture calls Jogi and says Amrita is resting, on the off chance that child cries, we will get found out. Dada ji and Dadi light the diyas in the house. They get blissful and embrace.

Baljeet and Pammi grin. Pritam says family shouldn’t know anything. Rathi calls him. Pritam asks where are there. Rathi undermines him. Kuljeet and Saroj return home. They inquire as to for what reason are the diyas lighting here. Dada ji says get it, you have become Nani. Dadi says you became Nani. Kuljeet and Saroj embrace cheerfully. Dada ji says Karan needed to come here, you needed to take Amrita. Baljeet says they went in a major private medical clinic. Dadi says Amrita is protected. They all do bhaangra. Guneet says somebody captured Amrita, you don’t have any idea. Specialist says its a misconception, let me check.

Nimmo requests that she follow through with something. Meera says we ought to check cctv film once. Kabir says OK. Rathi says you deceived me, you need to follow through on a cost now. Pritam says I did this to bring in cash, I have no association with the police, I concede I changed the rdx. Angad says we will check cctv. Pritam says if it’s not too much trouble, leave Amrita and the child, I will do as you say, she is a widow, this child is her expectation.

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Rathi says give me rdx then. Pritam says I m not conveying it in my pocket. Rathi says you simply have 60 minutes, then, at that point, I will kill that lady and that child. Pritam stresses. He requests that Monty orchestrate rdx in 60 minutes, that’s what rathi needs, Amrita and child are in harm’s way, Rathi’s men are spread here. Nitin asks will you kill many day to day routines for two lives. Pritam says I simply need to save that child presently, check the family out. Monty says don’t get passionate, we can face this challenge. Pritam says the new conceived child is blameless, I would rather not bomb once more, I need rdx at the present time. Nitin expresses quiet down, we will save everybody, Monty get the rdx, we will attempt to find Amrita. Jogi looks on.

A New Life Friday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life: Guneet says we ought to grumble in the police. Nimmo inquires as to why. He asks how will we respond. He gets Kuljeet’s call. He replies. Kuljeet says we got the uplifting news, well done. Guneet says well done. Kuljeet says we are coming to the clinic. Nimmo says no, prevent him from coming. Guneet says don’t call presently, its a private clinic, come tomorrow, guests aren’t permitted.

Kuljeet says OK. Saroj says we need to visit now. Kuljeet says we will come for quite a while and afterward leave. Guneet says simply don’t come. He requests that he give call to Dada ji. He says we didn’t see the child till now, don’t allow Kuljeet and Saroj to come here. Dada ji asks however for what reason, they need to come. Guneet lets him know everything. Dada ji gets stunned. Kuljeet asks what occurred. Dada ji doesn’t say anything, Amrita is fine, we will go there in the first part of the day.

Angad chastens the man and gets some information about the cctv film. The man says sorry, we are making an honest effort. Kabir and Meera additionally reprimand the man. The man says this occurred interestingly, ask your relatives. Angad says your ward kid and medical caretaker removed Amrita and child. He lashes out and harms the man. Meera says leave him. The man hacks.

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Angad leaves him. He says look, I implore you, track down them. He cries. Meera expresses quiet down, we will track down Amrita. Angad moves away and says I don’t need your compassion. She cries and says don’t I maintain that Amrita should get found. Kabir consoles her. Krishnakant calls her. She dismisses the call. Angad comes to everybody and signs no. They all cry. Pritam looks on. Nitin comes and says rdx is prepared, Monty is holding up in the stopping. Pritam calls Rathi and says I m coming. He says allow me 60 minutes, I will observe Amrita and the child, I guarantee. He leaves.

A New Life Friday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life: He requests that Nitin and Monty stay here and deal with them. Nitin asks will you go alone to Rathi. Pritam says OK. Dadi converses with Guneet available to work and cries. Dada asks what will happen when Kuljeet and Saroj know this. They see Kuljeet. Kuljeet asks what has been going on with our Amrita, tell me. Dada ji says simply relax. Kuljeet says you are concealing something, if it’s not too much trouble, tell me, we will go to medical clinic immediately. Baljeet says simply relax, I will take you. Dada ji yells and stops them.

Saroj asks what’s wrong, Amrita is our little girl. Kuljeet offers something occurred there, tell me, I m your child, don’t conceal it, kindly tell me. Dada ji sits. He says Amrita and her child, somebody abducted them. They generally get stunned. Saroj swoons. Kuljeet holds her and requests that she get up. He says in the event that anything happens to Amrita and her child, I won’t leave all of you. Amrita thinks about the family. She awakens and hears the child’s cry. The medical attendant blacks out her down.

Pritam gives the pack and requests that Rathi call his men, request that they leave Amrita and child. Rathi requests that Jogi kill that lady and the child. Jogi endeavors to kill Amrita. Pritam gets stunned.

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