A Love To Die For Teasers – March 2022

A Love To Die For Teasers - February 2022
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Coming up on A Love To Die For this March 2022:

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Episode 353 Part 3

Profound asks Mr. X to uncover his character. Who would he be able to be?

Episode 354

Abhimanyu lets Guru Maa know that everybody in the house is currently his manikin and they are doing everything according to his orders! What are they up to?

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Episode 355

Profound attempts to take the precious stone for Mr. X!

Episode 356

Profound inquires as to whether she actually adores him. Aarohi answers by asking him exactly the same thing.

Thursday 3 March 2022

Episode 357

Master Maa shows Aarohi a photograph of Guru Maa and Vasundhara with two children. Who are the children?

Episode 358

Profound, Tara, Aarohi, Upsana, Virat and Abhimanyu ransack a bank together! Will they get found out?

Friday 4 March 2022

Episode 359

The fact that Aarohi saved Deep makes abhimanyu incensed. He is certain that once Deep’s previous rises to the top, Aarohi will lament helping Deep.

Episode 360

Abhimanyu tells Aarohi that Deep is the killer of his dad and that he has promised to kill Deep! How might Aarohi respond?

Monday 7 March 2022

Episode 361

Master Maa comes clean with Aarohi about her past. How might Aarohi respond?

Episode 362

Profound shoots toward Aarohi! Will she get by?

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Episode 363

Tara assists Abhimanyu and Guru Maa with getting away from jail!

Episode 364

Profound is desirous of how Aarohi deals with Abhimanyu and begins battling with him.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Episode 365

Upasana illuminates Abhimanyu, Deep and Guru Maa that they are largely in custody!

Episode 366

Aarohi is cautioned by Mr. X, who tells her that Deep could pass on soon as he has a ton of foes encompassing him as a result of the mysterious which he has. What is his mysterious?

Thursday 10 March 2022

Episode 367

Profound blows up believing that Aarohi generally guards Abhimanyu and there may be a going thing on between them. Aarohi embraces Deep from behind and requests that he not leave her.

Episode 368

Upasana and Virat dance. Whenever Virat advises Upasana to keep her eyes on the group as Mr. X may be there, Upasana lets Virat know that she can’t look elsewhere when Virat is before her.

Friday 11 March 2022

Episode 369

Profound calls Aarohi and illuminates her that he has the cash and precious stone and he is getting back.

Episode 370

Profound and Abhimanyu both point firearms at each other, with Aarohi attempting to stop them both!

Monday 14 March 2022

Episode 371

Aarohi and Tara are both crazy as they understand that Deep could have kicked the bucket in the bomb impact!

Episode 372

Aarohi hears Tara and Abhimanyu both saying that they are leaving for Goa. What are they up to?

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Episode 373

Aarohi arrives at Goa and searches for Deep all over the place.

Episode 374

Aarohi arrives at the ocean side where she sees as Deep battling in a wrestling challenge.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Episode 375

Aarohi and Abhimanyu go inside the place of a Don called Xavier, thinking that Mr. X and Xavier are a similar individual.

Episode 376

Tara wounds Abhimanyu with a blade! .

Thursday 17 March 2022

Episode 377

Upasana and Virat tell Guru Maa the fresh insight about Abhimanyu’s passing. Master Maa ends up being furious and won’t acknowledge it.

Episode 378

Aarohi ends up on a yacht with Deep’s copy, Mr. X.

Friday 18 March 2022

Episode 379

Tara incites Guru Maa against Aarohi, by saying that Abhimanyu got killed in light of Aarohi.

Episode 380

Food is served to the genuine Deep through a little opening. He attempts to converse with somebody yet no one responses. He advises himself that he wants to remain alive to leave and save Aarohi.

Monday 21 March 2022

Episode 381

Raj (Deep’s clone) tells Tara to not stress as he will restore Deep to Tara after he makes Aarohi as his own.

Episode 382

The genuine Deep figures out how to get away!

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Episode 383

The genuine Deep gets back home and embraces Aarohi.

Episode 384

Profound reminds Raj that he has given Raj the daily routine which he is experiencing. Raj inquires as to whether he fears the beast that he has made!

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Episode 385

Aarohi lets Deep know that he has been different since Goa. Aarohi inquires as to whether there is any mysterious which he is stowing away.

Episode 386

Incidentally, Vasundhara is Raj’s mom!

Thursday 24 March 2022

Episode 387

Raj establishes Deep’s fingerprints at different crime locations to set him up!

Episode 388

Aarohi and Deep (Raj) go to a retreat where they dance around a pool. Abruptly she takes a weapon out and focuses it at Raj and afterward calls Deep! Has she sorted out the mystery?

Friday 25 March 2022

Episode 389

Profound advises Aarohi that all that he did was to safeguard Aarohi.

Episode 390

Profound takes Aarohi for a heartfelt escape however Aarohi can’t quit pondering Deep’s confidential.

Monday 28 March 2022

Episode 391

Aarohi is in a dull room encircled by ladies holding sticks, prepared to stop her! Who would they be able to be?

Episode 392

Aarohi finds out if concealing the mystery is more critical that their relationship yet Deep consequently inquires as to whether realizing the mystery is a higher priority than their relationship!

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Episode 393

Aarohi takes on the appearance of a man a takes a bundle to Trivedi’s location. She figures out that Trivedi is, as a matter of fact, Kashyap.

Episode 394

Aarohi goes to Vasundhara’s room and sees a photograph of Deep’s adolescence. Aarohi sees two children with similar face and contemplates whether they are twins.

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Episode 395

Raj tells Aarohi accounts of his youth and how Deep generally exploited them being twins by carrying out wrongdoings and afterward causing Raj to endure the side-effects. Might it be said that he is lying?

Episode 396

Master Maa comes to meet Aarohi and shows her the video of Raj killing Abhimanyu. Aarohi guarantees Guru Maa that she will get Raj in a correctional facility.

Thursday 31 March 2022

Episode 397

Profound guarantees Aarohi that he will bring her all the satisfaction of the world and they choose to reestablish their promises again by getting remarried.

Episode 398

Profound takes Aarohi to a designed room. A video plays of their excursion. Aarohi embraces Deep while in tears.


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